How Much Do Bridgestone Tires Cost?

December 13, 2023 by Alice Green

Since Bridgestone tires are well-known, we tested them to determine whether they lived up to the hype. In this detailed examination of Bridgestone tires, we'll explore the company's market position, most popular tires, pricing, durability, and much more. To assess how it fits, we'll compare it to the best tires.

A new set of tires may be expensive. Before buying, check pricing and characteristics of numerous tire models. Due to the specialized nature of tires, it's vital to complete one's study before buying a new set to pick an inexpensive and adequate model. Looking for Bridgestone tire prices? To make an educated selection, research individual models and compare pricing to see How Much Do Bridgestone Tires Cost.

What Do Bridgestone Tires Cost?

When it comes to price, Bridgestone tires are on par with Michelin tires; both brands provide high-end tires. But the expensive price tag is a reflection of the excellent quality of the rubber and the stringent testing procedures used by Bridgestone.

  • Tire Rack has the prices for all of Bridgestone's best-selling models:
  • Price: $270.47 (P285/45R22) for the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenzas.
  • Tire size: 235/65R16, Bridgestone Blizzak WS90: $161.48
  • $215/55R17 Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS: $136.99
  • This Bridgestone DriveGuard 205/65RF16 is priced at $127.99.

We were hoping for lengthier warranties from Bridgestone due to their expensive pricing. Sometimes, if a pricey tire wears slowly, it could be more cost-effective in the end.

How to Purchase Bridgestone Tires

No matter how well-known Bridgestone tires are, they won't be able to meet your safety and performance requirements if they aren't the proper fit. When shopping for tires, it's crucial to consider not just your driving style and preferences, but also the variations between different kinds of tires.

What You Need to Know About Bridgestone Tires

There are a number of considerations to make when purchasing tires for your car, such as:

Tread pattern

There are a few common types of tire tread patterns, the most common of which being diagonal, symmetrical, asymmetrical, or hybrid shapes.

Tire duration

The number of miles that a tire is intended to last is usually listed by the manufacturer.

The noise level

Passengers in the cabin may noticeably perceive a variation in the level of road noise depending on the tire's noise rating.

Weather rating

Some tires are made for particular uses, while others are certified as all-weather. For instance, driving on snow or ice would be a bad idea for summer tires. Although they excel at navigating off-road terrain, off-road tires aren't very fuel efficient when compared to standard road tires.

Tire construction

Radial, bias-ply, and bias-belted are the three most common methods. In general, bias-built tires are less expensive than radials, but radials last longer.

Learning the Sizes of Bridgestone Tires

When listing tire sizes, tire manufacturers adhere to a uniform format. The many measurements required for accurate tire fitting necessitate this format's inclusion of a few features.

The common tyre size P225/65R17 will serve as an example to illustrate the meaning of each component:

P: Vehicle type is indicated by the first letter of the tire's name. In this case, the "P" stands for passenger, indicating that the tire is designed for use on private automobiles.

225: Listed in millimeters as the first number in the series is the tire's width. Our sample tire measures 225 mm in width.

65: The percentage value representing the tire height to width ratio follows the slash as the second number. This indicates that the tire's height is 65% of its width in our case.

R: The construction of the tire is denoted by the second letter in the series. An "R" denotes radial in our sample tire.

17: This particular tire is meant to suit wheels with a diameter of 17 inches, as indicated by the last number in the series, which is listed in inches.

Get the Most Out of Your Bridgestone Coupons

Looking for reasonably priced, high-quality tires? Stop searching now! Get incredible prices on dependable and high-performance tires with Bridgestone Coupons. Make sure your car is outfitted with top-notch quality at a low price with these coupons that give you access to Bridgestone's famous tire portfolio. Bridgestone coupons provide exceptional discounts on all-season, performance, and off-road tires, so you can get the tires your car requires without breaking the bank. You may improve your driving experience without breaking the bank by taking advantage of these chances.

How Long Does a Tire Last

Bridgestone tires are known for their longevity, Bridgestone Tires Last typically 40,000–100,000 miles, depending on model, driving circumstances, and maintenance. They last longer with regular rotations, inflation, and alignments. Due to its softer rubber for traction, high-performance tires may wear out faster. Bridgestone tires are trustworthy for drivers who want durability and dependability, even if mileage may vary. Wondering how long Bridgestone tires last? It usually lasts 40,000–100,000 miles, depending on the tire brand, driving circumstances, and maintenance.

Choosing Excellence: Bridgestone vs. Michelin Tires

Your individual driving demands will determine whether Michelin or Bridgestone tires are superior. The quality and performance of both brands are well regarded. Many high-performance automobiles use Bridgestone tires because of their responsiveness and longevity. Conversely, Michelin prioritizes ease and economy in its vehicles. Whether you choose Michelin for a quiet and economical ride or Bridgestone for a livelier ride is a matter of personal preference. Both companies place a premium on safety and innovation, so picking one over the other comes down to what you value most in a vehicle and how you like to drive. When asked, Which Tires Are Better Bridgestone or Michelin? the response is subjective and based on personal driving tastes and priorities.


All things considered, Bridgestone gets 4.0 stars from us. The selection of tires offered by the firm, all of which are of high quality, is appealing to us. With their focus on quiet-running tires, innovative run-flat technology, and fuel-efficient Ecopia tires, Bridgestone also gets credit for innovation.

While several of the company's rivals offer more affordable tires, Bridgestone tires are still somewhat pricey. Furthermore, the majority of the brand's tires are accompanied by guarantees that cover the normal tread life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bridgestone a high quality tire?

Bridgestone tires are top-notch because they are designed to be safe, high-quality, and perform well. Find the perfect Bridgestone tires for your car with our assistance now!

What is the average life of a Bridgestone tire?

A high-quality all-season tire can typically withstand 12,000 to 15,000 miles of driving per year, which translates to a lifespan of three to five years (give or take depending on factors like maintenance, driving habits, weather, etc.).

Why Bridgestone tyres are costly?

As one would expect from a premium tire manufacturer, Bridgestone's prices are more than average. Other companies in the middle price category, such as Bridgestone's own Firestone, provide a more balanced option, combining moderate prices with high quality.

Does Bridgestone have a warranty?

New BRIDGESTONE, FIRESTONE, FUZION, and PRIMEWELL brand passenger and light vehicle tires are covered by the manufacturer's Limited Warranty from Bridgestone.

Are Bridgestone tyres all season?

Tires designed for city driving tend to have a longer lifespan than those designed for winter or summer. For a wide variety of vehicles and uses, Bridgestone offers an excellent selection of all-season tires.

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