How Long Do Bridgestone Tires Last

December 04, 2023 by Louis

Bridgestone is well-known as a leading tire producer, and their tires are known to be competitive in every category. Everyone agrees that they are sturdy, long-lasting, and risk-free. In this article we will discuss How Long Do Bridgestone Tires Last.

How long do Bridgestone tires typically last?

Bridgestone tires typically last 45,000 miles, although some have an 80,000-mile tread guarantee. Bridgestone advises changing tires after 10 years, but the NHTSA recommends 6 years. Replacement of Bridgestone tires is not regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

However, tires over 6 years old, even low-use ones, may develop dry rot that makes driving dangerous. Old, dry-rotted tires might split and blow out on the roadway. No matter tread depth, Bridgestone advises replacing tires after 10 years.

How Long Do Bridgestone Tires Remain Effective?

Although several of Bridgestone's best tire types may last up to 80,000 miles, the typical Bridgestone tire only lasts 45,000 to 50,000 miles.

Five all-season tires are considered "our best tires" by Bridgestone. The Alenza as Ultra and the Turanza QuietTrack are two of those types that, under ideal circumstances, are predicted to last 80,000 miles. Also included in the top five are the WeatherPeak tire and the DriveGuard Plus, both of which are backed by the brand's limited mileage warranties of 70,000 and 65,000 miles, respectively.

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How Long Does a Set of Bridgestone Tires Last When Not in Heavy Use?

How long tires last when kept correctly is a topic of debate on the internet. The usual range is between six and ten years.

But a number of NHTSA studies have demonstrated that tires should be replaced at the 6-month mark regardless of tread depth or mileage.

We advise that you listen to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and seriously consider replacing your tires when they reach the 6-year mark. For further instructions on how to maintain your tires and how long they will last, see your vehicle's handbook.

How Many Miles Do Different Tires Cover?

A variety of tires are available by Bridgestone, including:


Some of the industry's longest lifespans in terms of mileage are offered by Bridgestone's Dueler brand of light/medium truck tires.

With an estimated 80,000 miles of range, the Dueler H/L is head and shoulders above the competition. Both the Dueler A/T Revo 3 and the Dueler H/T 684 II have a long service life of 60,000 kilometers.

You may anticipate a mileage of forty thousand to fifty thousand miles from other Dueler models.


The Potenza performance tire line includes six different models. Except for the Potenza RE980AS and RE980AS Plus, which both have a 50,000-mile tread warranty, none of the other models are covered by any kind of guarantee.


One popular option among automobile purchasers is the Turanza QuietTrack touring tire. With an MSRP of $169.99, it's a budget-friendly choice. In addition, there is an 80,000-mile limited mileage warranty available for purchase.


Two versions of the Ecopia passenger tire are available: the EP422 Plus and the H/L 422 Plus. It is anticipated that both versions will last 50,000 miles

How Much Do Bridgestone Tires Cost?

Tire size, type, and compatibility with the vehicle are some of the variables that affect the Bridgestone Tires Cost. The price of a Bridgestone tire may range from fifty dollars to two hundred dollars. At the upper end of this spectrum you could find specialist or high-performance tires. There are typically bundle savings available when you buy a whole set. If you want to know how much a Bridgestone product will cost for your specific requirements, the best thing to do is contact a local dealer or visit their website. When purchasing Bridgestone tires, be important you weigh the importance of quality against your budget.

Which brand of tires is superior?

Individual driving objectives determine Bridgestone or Michelin tire brand superiority. Bridgestone's durability and reactivity suit high-performance automobiles. Michelin prioritizes comfort and fuel economy, resulting in a smooth ride. Choose Bridgestone for livelier rides or Michelin for comfort. Safety and innovation are shared by both companies, so the choice comes down to your driving demands. Researching individual models within each brand, such as Which Tires Are Better Bridgestone Or Michelin, can assist you choose depending on your driving goals.


Aside from Bridgestone tires, there are additional options to think about when you go tire buying. Check out the competition's tires to see which ones meet your demands in terms of price, safety, and longevity. Make sure to have your tires checked regularly and replace them when they reach 6 years old. Rotating the tires and checking the pressure often are part of this.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a Bridgestone tyre last?

Regardless of the tread depth, Bridgestone advises taking its Firestone and Bridgestone tires out of service after 10 years.

How often do you change Bridgestone tires?

Tires that are more than 10 years old should be removed from service and replaced with new tires, according to Bridgestone.

How many miles do Bridgestone Alenza last?

The features and benefits of the Bridgestone ALENZA AS ULTRA are built to endure and are supported by a limited warranty that lasts for 80,000 miles.

Do Bridgestone make good tyres?

The 2022 UK TyreSafe Awards honored Bridgestone 'Tyre Manufacturer of the Year', a top premium tyre manufacturer. Durable and wet-grip, its tires are famous.

Where are Bridgestone tires made?

Bridgestone makes heavy-duty off-road tires at seven sites worldwide. Japanese Shimonoseki, Hofu, Kitakyushu, American Aiken, Des Moines, Bloomington, and Bridgestone Specialty Tire Manufacturing Thailand.

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