Saving Money Made Easy - 7 Insider Tips for Finding the Best Discounts

November 13, 2023 by Olivia

When it comes to saving money while shopping online, you have to be sneaky. Well not just sneaky but sneaky and clever too! since online shopping is currently the biggest market worldwide, with every retailer doing their best to make the most impression with their online presence, the main driving force behind this online shopping is the huge customer base.

Without those smart people sitting behind the screens and clicking ‘add to car’ every few seconds, online shopping is nothing but just a ruse. Hence as an online buyer you must realize the value you bring to these businesses and how without you brands would be struggling to make sales. Online shops have a plethora of strategies these days to entice customers. However, astute bargain hunters might retaliate by using their own cunning to snag discounts and reclaim control of the situation!

So to make your online shopping experiences much more fun and beneficial for you, we have gathered the best insider tips for scoring the best discounts from any and every brand.


Pulling our biggest card the first! We are not scared and you shouldn’t be. Because coupons are no longer just a scam but they are an actual reality to give you up to hundreds of dollars’ worth of discount on basic items to luxury purchases. That being said, coupons are also the only evergreen method which is always there to help you save money regardless of the season, product and product category. Provided that you only head to the authentic coupon sites (hint: Hashtagsavings). But how can you actually find the best coupons? Let’s go!

Use Google

Yet again! Yes even for hunting the best coupons google is your true and reliable friend. To get what you're searching for, just type your search terms into Google, such as "sale," "promo code," "coupon," and "promotional code."

Subscribe to Newsletters

Register for emails and coupon blogs. You won't have to worry about doing a lot of independent searching since you will receive the latest discounts, specials, and deals straight to your email. These blogs frequently include "secret" offers that are difficult to find as well as expert advice on how to maximize your coupon savings.

Download the Mobile App

In terms of coupons, you are often in luck if you own a smartphone. You may download free apps from many shops to take advantage of exclusive deals that are only accessible through the app.

Keep an Eye on Social Media

Retailers frequently provide discounts that are exclusive to social media followers in addition to offers, specials, and promotions that are only accessible when you "like" them on Facebook.

Leave Items in your Cart

The second money saving tip is plain simple which we might be doing for harmless fun for so many years no. do you play that game where you add all the desired items in your cart and head to the checkout to laugh at the bill total and close the tab? Well it is indeed a beneficial game for you. Retailers will look for methods to get you back because they want to clinch the purchase.

You could receive an email with a discount or an offer for a lower price in a few days. However, experts claim that in order to exit your basket, you must be signed in to your retailer's account. While this strategy won't work for every website, most firms are using it to tempt you to finish your purchase by calling back their long-gone (possible) consumers.

Social Media is your Friend

We already mentioned above that how social media can be a huge help when you are looking for coupons. But other than just coupons there are some more discounts and ways to save money which you can find on social media. Following a brand on their social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is a wonderful approach to stay close to that brand and all that they are cooking. This is because many brands often bring up rewards, sales, discounts, and loyalty points on their websites so their customers/followers can reach up and access these special discounts.

Also, another benefit of following a brand on social media is that it helps you remain alerted of new product releases. As most of the brand’s promotion done is via online channels you can expect social media to be a major helping hand in getting the best deals at the earliest. So how about becoming a wise early bird who catches the worm?

Expired Doesn’t Mean Gone (Always)!

When that promo code shows up in your inbox, sometimes you don't even need to make a purchase. However, after a few weeks have passed and the voucher has expired, you find that you actually need that pricey device and that it would have saved you a tonne of money. Be at ease! Businesses want you to buy from them, and typically their promotions last longer than they appear. Additionally, they could accept that promo code if you contact their customer support number. Particularly if you are a new or extremely frequent customer, they don't want to let you down! Though it's not a given, this tactic has generally been successful approximately one in three times.

Price Match and Compare

Your loyalty might be making you stick to Amazon always or you love the walmart aisles more than anything in this world. While both the stores have an unmatched take when it comes to offering the best discounts to their customers but doesn’t that mean you shouldn’t look out and investigate more! Shopping around and price comparing is one of the best ways to purchase a product in the lowest possible price. Let’s assume, you have finally decided to pick a product that has been in your wish list for so long. Now before your excitement leads you to click on ‘confirm order’ on the first store you land, we recommend searching up a bit.

If it's on sale at Walmart or Target, for instance, could Amazon be giving you even more of a discount, free delivery, or a coupon off your next purchase? You may find out by typing the product name into Google and selecting the shopping tab. This will reveal the price and other locations where the item is being sold. You never know what you could come upon!

Third Party Sellers

Be Ware and Be Wise! Third party sellers are great and bring you a huge stock but a little wise take when buying from them can save you from a lot of uninvited regret. Although third-party sellers are particularly well-liked at online retailers like Amazon and Walmart, we advise customers to move forward with caution when making purchases from them. Even if the prices will occasionally be lower, sometimes it is impossible to verify whether or not they are authentic goods or trustworthy merchants.

In addition, if a product being offered by a third-party seller piques your attention, you should check the website's ratings and reviews, since these may frequently give you a better idea of the vendor's reputation and customer service style. Being a buyer who is easily duped by a fake Instant Pot is something you do not want to be! Because getting fooled by a third party vendor is a loss nobody reimburses you for. You in the end might be blamed for not completing your research properly.

In-Store Pick Ups

Not spoken about much but in-store pick up is one of the best ways to save money and many brands offer you that. Especially if you are someone who is always short on time and is placing your order online sitting in the parking lot waiting to pick up your kids from school, in-store pick-ups can save penny plus penny to give a greater discount at the end of the month. After all, this trick helps you avoid the most regretful money spent that is on the shipping fee. You can opt for in-store pick from the location nearest to you whether or not the stock was originally here. The retailer will send all your purchased items to the nearest retail location and you can pick on the way to thousands of chores you have to complete every week!

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