From Coupons to Cashback - Your Roadmap to Massive Savings and Discounts

November 14, 2023 by Rachel

Did you just let a coupon code slide by just because you don’t believe in the concept of coupons and discounts? Well you made a big mistake! Shopping online comes with many perks and availing promo codes is one of those. But don’t worry, here we don’t judge! Maybe after all, you are new to this coupon race and everything you find online seems a mere fraud.

Let’s start with an attractive picture. You scrolling through your favorite store online, gathering all the must-buy items for the holiday season and suddenly during the checkout as you get scared by the entire big total you are equally intrigued by ‘enter the promo code’ box. As a first time customer you are also granted with a promo code to be used on your purchase. And as soon as you enter that code into that box, voila! Magic happens!

The order total is slashed to an exciting low and you might also have gotten free shipping. But that’s not it, you can even earn cash rebates with discount codes on your online purchases, you can earn a gift card and much more.

What do Discounts Codes Do?

Coupons and promo codes, which provide discounts, have revolutionized the market for both consumers and companies. They provide large discounts on internet purchases from almost all stores, including well-known ones. They provide an enticing incentive to draw in new clients while retaining current clients. By utilizing promo codes strategically, companies may increase sales and cultivate enduring brand loyalty. Conversely, customers who use a discount code can take advantage of exclusive offers on their orders, free delivery on a number of items, and newly reduced rates.

But before you get into using promo codes for your every order (we don’t judge) it is important you understand the promo code lingo and the way it works. Find all you need to know about the roadmap to endless savings and discounts.

Percentage Discounts

This is the most popular and also the most common type of discount found for almost every store. Hashtagsavings also has the abundance of these type of discounts to save up on the original price of the order. Percentage discounts can range anywhere from 5% to 80% on the original price of a product. You can use these coupons alone or sometimes the brand might offer coupon stacking too; where the multiple coupons are applied to add up to a bigger discount.

Fixed Amount Discounts

Fixed amount discounts are independent of the order total amount and they will only give a certain $ off on the entire total. For instance on an order of $100 you can use a $50 coupon code but you cannot use a $150 coupon code to reserve the later $50 or get it as cashback. These fixed amount discounts are rarer to find than percentage discounts and they also come with a certain set of terms and conditions to be followed.

Free Shipping

This is where the most attention goes! Since paying shipping fee is the most despised thing worldwide, free shipping is the type of promo code highly desired and highly loved. Free delivery is a perk provided by some discount coupons to clients. This benefit is typically appreciated by online consumers as it spares them from having to pay more for delivery. But if customers use a Home Depot discount code or coupon, they may save even more money. Before using the code, be sure to review the terms and specifications.

Buy One Get One (BOGO)

You must have heard this often abbreviated as BOGO and this kind of promotion lets you enjoy one item free on one, or in some cases a certain percent off the second item when you purchase the first one at full price. BOGO comes as a mobile application too where you can find deals from thousands of retailers valid for an entire year. BOGO discounts are the most beneficial for both the shoppers and retailers as shoppers enjoy double purchase benefit and retailers enjoy more of their stocks being sold out.

Limited Time Offers

These are often the greatest discounts you see as the time crunch makes them highly desirable. Customers who use discount codes or limited time offers can take advantage of exclusive offers and savings that might not be available to everyone else. Retailers frequently design exclusive campaigns or time-limited deals just for customers who possess these codes. This implies that you'll be able to take advantage of discounts that others might not be able to by utilizing a discount code.

Selected Items Off

This is also yet another popular type of discount found on many stores. Usually the out of the season stock or products that are no longer in trending top of the shelf, are put in this section. Also known as the clearance section, doesn’t mean that selected items off is a bad place to shop. Maybe the clearance section has a jacket or a coat you have been eyeing for months but the high price was stopping you from buying it? Many shopping experts do recommend shopping from the selected items off section to gather bigger savings.

First Customer Discounts

Another advantage of utilizing discount coupons is that they provide consumers like you the chance to explore new items and brands without going over budget. Customers are more willing to try anything new at discounted pricing, whether it's a new brand, a different product, or even an unusual experience. Also, perks like first customer discount make it much less scarier for you to spend your money on something you wouldn’t have otherwise. As it is at the fraction of the original price you are willing to go with that risk.

Free Gifts and Samples

Discount coupons can include other benefits in addition to savings. As part of their promotional operations, several shops give away free items or samples to consumers who use particular discount codes. These could be anything a brand has newly launched or a tester of their most popular product. Thus, in addition to getting to save money on your purchases, you could also obtain some unexpected treats along the route! It's similar like receiving an unforeseen bonus for being a wise consumer.

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