A Guide for Travelers to Reduce Airline Costs

December 13, 2023 by Ashley Reaney

SkipLagged is a travel website and app that focuses on finding hidden city flight deals. It works by identifying cheaper airfares by utilizing the practice of booking flights with layovers in the desired destination city, which often results in lower costs compared to booking a direct flight to that location. This method involves travelers disembarking at the layover city instead of the final destination, which may violate airline policies and is not supported by airlines. In this article you will understand How To Use Skiplagged and how has gained popularity for its ability to uncover cost-effective travel options, especially for certain itineraries and routes.

How does SkipLagged find cheaper flights?

Skiplagged uses a strategy called hidden city ticketing to discover lower-priced flights. This method involves identifying flights with layovers in the desired destination city that are cheaper than booking a direct flight to that location. By booking a flight with a layover in the desired city and disembarking there, travelers can potentially save money. Skiplagged's algorithm searches for these opportunities by analyzing flight routes, layovers, and pricing data. Skiplagg Promo Codes are available on special occasions for its customers. These platforms provide various features to help users find affordable flights, compare prices, and explore flexible date options to find the best deals.

How Skiplagged Operates

Through an easy-to-use interface, Skiplagged provides information about indirect routes and potential savings, empowering travelers to make informed decisions when booking flights. This is a crucial component of the How Does Skiplagged Work? For users to use Skiplagged, their cities of origin and destination must be put into the website. Then, Skiplagged generates a list of flights that are available, emphasizing potential savings and unexplored city options. This streamlined approach will make it easier for those looking for less expensive options to find unconventional paths.

Is using SkipLagged legal and allowed by airlines?

While using Skiplagged is not illegal, it can violate airlines' terms and conditions. Many airlines prohibit the practice of hidden city ticketing as it goes against their contract of carriage. Passengers who book flights with the intention of disembarking at the layover city instead of the final destination risk consequences such as losing frequent flyer miles, having their return flight canceled, or being banned from future flights with that airline.

What are the potential risks of using SkipLagged?

One of the primary risks of using Skiplagged is that airlines may penalize passengers who engage in hidden city ticketing. Travelers might face consequences such as the loss of frequent flyer miles, the cancellation of their return flight, or being charged additional fees. Additionally, relying on hidden city ticketing can sometimes lead to unforeseen challenges, such as checked baggage being sent to the final destination, requiring careful planning by travelers.

Can SkipLagged be used for all types of travel itineraries?

Skiplagged may not be suitable for all travel itineraries. While it can uncover cheaper flights for certain routes and dates, it might not always yield cost-effective options for every destination or travel plan. Factors such as the availability of direct flights, airline policies, and specific travel dates can influence the effectiveness of hidden city ticketing.

Additional features beyond hidden city ticketing

While hidden city ticketing is its primary focus, Skiplagged also provides other travel-related features. These may include hotel bookings, car rentals, and general travel tips or advice. However, the core functionality revolves around finding cheaper flights through hidden city ticketing strategies.

Hints and Techniques

Travel schedule flexibility is essential to being proficient with SkipLagged. There can be significant cost savings by being flexible with layovers and taking non-traditional routes. Furthermore, you can maximize discounts by purchasing one-way tickets and being aware of baggage regulations.


One of the most effective methods for savvy travelers to save money on flights is by learning How To Use Skiplagged. Utilizing Skiplagged involves leveraging its unique approach to finding potential cost savings on flights through hidden city ticketing. The platform operates by identifying flights with layovers in desired destination cities, often resulting in lower fares compared to direct flights to those locations. Skiplagged, while offering an innovative way to uncover potential savings, requires travelers to navigate these risks carefully and understand that it may not always be suitable for all travel itineraries or preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Skiplagg work?

Skiplagg offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms, allowing users to search for flights and access travel deals conveniently on their smartphones.

Does Skiplagged offer customer support or assistance?

Skiplagged provides customer support through various channels, including email and online help forums. Users can reach out for assistance with inquiries or issues related to their bookings or the platform's functionality.

Can airlines ban you for using Skiplagged

Airlines are able to take legal action against travelers who use hidden city tickets or Skiplagged too often. Airlines usually have terms and conditions that forbid this activity, even if it's not against the law.

How do you pay on skiplagg?

Skiplagged typically facilitates payments for bookings through credit or debit cards on their platform.

Is it safe to fly with easy jet?

Yes, EasyJet is considered a safe airline to fly with, meeting international safety standards and regulations.

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