How to stop dressbarn texts: A Step-by-Step Guide

December 04, 2023 by Emma

Are you facing trouble receiving text spam or unwanted messages from dressbarn? Or don’t know how to stop dressbarn texts. No need to worry as we got the solution to this issue. But before heading towards the solution you must know a little history of Dressbarn. Dressbarn which began as a small value oriented outfit store in 1962 has become a global sensation around the US for clothing owning more than 800 stores all around the US. 
With an amazing customer service still there is one issue that causes trouble to the dressbarn customer community that are the unnecessary texts customers keep on receiving even after cancelling the settings or adjusting the requirements.

Step by Step Procedure to Cancel Dressbarn spam texts

Check notification settings

The first thing that you can do is to check your notification settings whether have you set the notifications for the text to be received or have you blocked the service. First thing first check whether the problem is from your end or not. If the issue is from your end and you have set the notification for the text to be received again and again you need to  fix that as per your choice whether you want to receive the text further in the future or not.

Adjust the settings 

The next thing that you need to do is to adjust the settings as per your choice. Check the settings about what preferences you have set. If they are not according to your choice you will have to change them. There can be 3 scenarios whether you have set the setting to automatic text receiving or there can be an error of recurring messages. One will have to check that and adjust those settings as per your choice.

Additional steps needed to cancel Dressbarn spam texts

Send automated cancellation request

If the issue still persists before contacting the helpline the second last thing that you can do is to reply with “STOP” to the dressbarn text spam. This will generate an automated command to the dressbarn system to stop the text messages and if they are using an automated system the system will consider the request and stop sending any additional messages to the user. But if this still doesn’t work there is one last thing that you can do that is to contact the helpline. However that has its own procedure and requirements but in such a scenario that is the last choice.

Contact Dressbarn helpline

The last step is to contact the Dressbarn helpline. To contact the helpline you can check out their official website where they have provided their contact details. You can contact them through call, message, or email. Their customer service is available 24/7 to assist customers. But sometimes people don’t know how to solve the issue and start backlashing and spreading negative word of mouth instead of simply contacting the helpline. 

The Dressbarn customer care

After contacting the helpline you need to simply ask them to cancel the text spam. They will ask for some basic questions and if you answer them correctly after a little bit confirmation your texts will be cancelled and you won’t be receiving them anymore. So, what are you waiting for now? You know how to get rid of this problem. Not only that but the Dressbarn customer care community also provides dressbarn coupons for the first 50 customers who reach out to the customer service in terms of need. So, what are you waiting for Grab that phone and start dialing.

Stopping Dressbarn Texts: Simple Solutions

In short, Now you know how to stop dressbarn texts. The solutions are very simple to stop Dressbarn texts, you need to check and adjust your notification settings, Send STOP in response to spam text, and still if the issue persists contact their helpline for assistance. Additionally, Dressbarn offers coupons for the first 50 help-seeking customers,  addressing concerns about cancellation costs. Contacting their 24/7 helpline ensures a quick resolution to halt unwanted text messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop recurring text messages?

Recurring text messages can be hectic and cause disturbance all the time. If you want to get rid of them you need to reply with the word “STOP” or follow the provided instructions on how to cancel the recurring text messages. If the issue still persists call the local dressbarn helpline to resolve the issue.

How do I stop automatic text messages?

Automatic text messages can be stopped by simply setting the notifications and adjusting them according to your preference. Hopefully, the issue will stop as it depends on the customer how he sets the preference. If the issue still persists you can try resetting your notification settings.

How do I unsubscribe from unwanted messages?

To unsubscribe from the text messages you can simply reply with “Stop” check the message footer for instructions or contact customer support so they can guide you in a better way.

How to stop Dressbarn texts?

To stop Dressbarn texts, check and adjust your notification settings, reply with 'STOP' to spam texts, or contact Dressbarn's helpline for assistance.

How to stop Dressbarn texts without spending any costs?

Dressbarn provides coupons for the first 50 customers seeking help with how to stop Dressbarn texts, addressing concerns about cancellation costs. Simply follow the outlined steps for an uninterrupted experience.

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