How to Cancel Houzz Pro Subscription- Perfect guide

November 28, 2023 by Morgan

As much as we hope you adore Houzz Pro. However, what happens if you wish to stop using the Houzz Pro Software? Is that as difficult as well? This in-depth tutorial will help you through the steps of How to Cancel Houzz Pro Subscription. Guaranteeing a seamless transfer without incurring any additional expenses.

You might remember that if you buy a Houzz pro plan, you read and accepted the pro subscriptions agreement. You were sent a copy of your agreement over email when you signed up. This agreement also specifies the length of your contract, the cancellation policy, and the price of your software and/or advertising plan.

At the moment, the majority of our plans have yearly 12-month commitments. There are various methods to terminate your current contract, depending on it.

How to Cancel Houzz Pro

Do not be concerned if you've been wondering How to Cancel Houzz Pro. It's simple to cancel your Houzz Pro subscription, but it does take some planning ahead. Decide when your contract is up for renewal first, and make sure you start the cancellation process at least 30 days beforehand. Remember to export important customer and project data to prevent losing it. Tell your clients and team about the upcoming change as the termination date draws near. When you're ready, send an email with the specified instructions to [email protected]. You may easily terminate your Houzz Pro membership by following these instructions.

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Simple Steps for Account Cancellation

You should do the following before contacting Houzz to Delete Houzz Account:

Establish the date of your renewal

No matter which plan you choose, your membership will be automatically renewed for another term on the following renewal date. Renewal dates are often the same as initial registration dates. If you have an annual subscription, its expiration date will be the same as the previous years.

The Houzz Pro Service Agreement stipulates that in order to cancel your membership, you must provide at least 30 days' notice before your next renewal date.

Export project and client information

Before you deactivate Houzz and lose access to your Houzz Pro account, make sure you export all of your customer and project data since you don't want to lose it all.

In case of any termination, Houzz will promptly stop delivering the Services, and Customer will immediately stop all access and use of the Services, according to Section 5(d) of the Houzz Pro Service Agreement.

In addition, this section specifies that a customer may request a copy of the customer business data and that Houzz will keep a copy of it for ninety days following cancellation. The customer business data will be provided in excel format to the administrator of the customer's account, "to the extent Houzz has a copy of the Customer Business Data."

Make sure you promptly transfer all ongoing and new projects to your new construction management solution

To avoid confusion or delays for your team and clients, it is best to start any forthcoming or ongoing activities on the new system.

It might be necessary for you to briefly switch between the two platforms, but doing so will facilitate the transfer and give you and your staff time to become used to the new one.

Inform your clients and colleagues of the impending change

You should think about informing your team and clients in advance of the impending shift in order to keep things running smoothly in your business during the transition.

This allows them time to get ready and gives you a chance to explain why you decided to terminate Houzz and how the new platform will enhance their work and overall experience.  

How to terminate your Houzz Pro membership

As you done with the steps above and you’re about to officially cancel Houzz, here are the following step by step guide you need to take. 

30 days or more before your subscription expires, send Houzz an email

In order for Houzz to handle the non-renewal notice properly, the client is required to follow Houzz's instructions and email [email protected]. This is in accordance with the Houzz Pro Service Agreement provision.

Please be informed that an additional month will be charged if you choose to cancel your Houzz month-to-month subscription after the final day of the month in which you plan to utilize the service.

Verify that the account has been closed

Your account will be canceled once you get written confirmation that we have accepted your request. You should get in touch with us again right away to ask for a duplicate of your cancellation paperwork if you haven't received a confirmation.

Make a request to have your data removed

For those who would rather not have Houzz save their data, they can choose not to complete this step. You can email [email protected] to request that your data be deleted, per their Privacy Policy.


Even though, cancel houzz pro subscription could take some work, the procedure can go smoothly if you prepare ahead of time and follow the terms specified in the contract. Keeping your customers and staff informed of any changes is essential for a seamless transition to a new method for managing construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my Houzz Pro account?

To cancel your Houzz membership in time for your next renewal, you must provide thirty days' notice, as stated in the Houzz Pro Service Agreement.

How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

The easiest way to stop these payments is to cancel your subscription by contacting the firm by phone or email. Contact your bank or Credit Card Company by phone or in person to cancel the payment if this does not work.

Can you cancel a subscription contract?

Under federal and state consumer laws, customers have the right to cancel certain contracts or purchases of products for any reason, including buyer remorse, or even without a cause at all.

What can I do if I can't cancel a subscription?

Your bank has the authority to halt future payments if your requests to cancel are denied (and you have given the required notice). Ideally, you would contact the subscription service provider to double-check that you have met any minimum contract requirements and that you have provided sufficient notice to avoid any penalties.

How long does it take to cancel a contract?

There is a "cooling-off rule" that states a contract cannot be terminated within a certain amount of time after it is signed, usually three days. Federal cooling-off regulations let customers three days to cancel some sales and receive a full refund, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

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