Understanding Dining Prices: How Much To Eat At Cicis Pizza?

December 13, 2023 by Emma

Cicis have been a considerate name in the pizza industry. Founded in 1985 they have opened 600 branches to date that emphasize their quality and transparent prices. Pizza is something that is liked by every age group and over 2 billion pizza’s eaten every year around the globe they have become a global sensation. Cicis has been working since the19th century and has a wide variety of flavors from the classical Italiano to Gen-Z’s Marinara they have it all.

So, the mystery here is if they have so many flavors so How Much To Eat At Cicis Pizza. However, that totally depends on your appetite one has a variety of flavors to choose from. In this article we will be discussing the flavors in detail:

The classic Flavors: Here’s what you can eat at Cicis

Zesty Veggie Pizza

One of their most tasty flavors is the zesty veggie pizza specially designed for vegetarians. The ingredients include pineapples, carrot, spinach, broccoli and much more. You can add the toppings as per your choice. They provide non-vegetarian options as well but this is one of their most hyped up pizza and even non-vegetarians enjoy them due to its lip smacking tomato basil sauce and the fresh cheese that is used to top it off. This pizza slice is available for 6$ in all the branches.

Margherita Pizza

The Margarita pizza is a common Gen-Z pizza flavor that is enjoyed all over the world. The ingredients of the deceptively simple Margherita pizza are tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil. There's a good reason it's a national favorite and an Italian mainstay. The best part about the pizza is it ricotta cheese that is freshly made and cut upon at the time of making. This pizza has a thin and thick crust as well and the tangy tomato sauce adds a kick to it. 

CiCi’s Pizza Coupons - Find Out More About The Discounts

A normal pizza slice at Cicis comes in for 6 to 12 dollars of any flavor. The special flavors may cost a bit more but the regular normal flavors have this price. The best part about their pricing is that They have recently launched various discounts such as Buy one slice get one free, Free pizza with a medium one, Free refill of drinks, Cicis Pizza Coupons for 50% off and much more. All of these discounts can be availed through their touchpoints such as online delivery, pick-up or dine-in. They also have a buffet option where you can get your favorite pizza flavors all for 20$. You can taste any pizza slice of your choice as per your liking at a fixed price.

A Solid Reputation 

Since its founding in 1985, Cicis Pizza has established a solid reputation for quality and openness, and it now has over 600 locations worldwide. With a wide range of flavors they make you wondering How Much To Eat At Cicis Pizza. To suit different tastes including the classic Margherita and the savory Zesty Veggie, Cicis has something for every palate. With additional discounts and a buffet option, the dining prices range from 6 to 12 dollars per slice, providing a satisfying experience within a range of budget preferences. Enjoying a classic favorite or a vegetarian delight, Cicis Pizza offers a tasty experience that is enhanced by affordability and a wide selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest pizza at Cici's?

A 28-inch pizza with sixty-four slices is the biggest pizza at Cici's. With a classic garlic butter crust, marinara sauce, luscious mozzarella cheese, and your choice of toppings, Piezilla packs a serious flavor punch making it the best in town.

How much is Cicis buffet in Kissimmee?

Normally their buffet is around $5.50, but this location is $7.99 because of their tourist location. Drinks are also $2.49 in addition to your buffet. That’s a generously affordable price as compared to other pizza sellers in town.

How many calories are in a slice of Cici's Pizza?

The Calories in a pizza depend on the toppings you are adding to your pizza the more the toppings the more the calories the less the toppings the less the calories.

How Much To Eat At Cicis Pizza on a discount?

It depends on the customer’s appetite. If you are hungry you can eat a hefty amount but if not even at a discount one can’t eat much.

How Much To Eat At Cicis Pizza if I’m on a diet?

Pizza can make up one or two slices of a healthy, well-balanced meal. But eating so much pizza that it fills you up can lead to consuming far too many calories, which over time can cause weight gain.

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