Decoding The Price Tag: How Much Is Scentbird

December 12, 2023 by Emma

People can subscribe to Scentbird for perfume. Members receive an 8 ml monthly supply of designer scents that fit inside the vial case that comes with your first month's subscription. You can either browse Scentbird's entire catalog to find what you want, or you can take their Fragrance Quiz, which allows them to recommend scents specifically for you. Just want to look at different colognes and perfumes?
You can choose to have a monthly surprise! One of the greatest perfume subscription services we've looked at is Scentbird. But to buy the best possible you need to know How Much Is Scentbird and What’s the perfect size for you. In this article you will get a deep understanding of what is the subscription plan is currently offering. How you can avail it and what’s the subscription scenarios if you want to cancel it or not.

Subscription Plans Available At Scentbird

Monthly Subscription Plan

Availing the monthly scentbird subscription plan is not difficult. If you are new to scentbird you can avail themselves of their 7 days free trail where they send you in a 10ml small bottle that you can check and you don’t have to pay for the bottle only for the delivery fee. Also they give you a special Scentbird Promo Code with your bottle that you can use the next time you avail themselves of their monthly subscription. In this way you can check out all their fragrances and decides which one suits your personality best.

Yearly Subscription Plan

The yearly subscription plan is as easy to avail as the monthly subscription plan. People want to know that How Big Are The Scentbird Bottles. Well in the yearly subscription plan you can get a bottle of up to 180ml that can easily be used over the whole year. Seabird prefer quality over quantity. Founded in 2013 their current retail price is up to 175$. Some of their yearly perfumes ranges include Versace - Dylan Blue Pour Femme - notes of Black Currant, Eglantine Rose, and White Woods Rebecca Minkoff by Rebecca Minkoff - notes of Bergamot, Tobacco Accord, Jasmin Absolute, Karmaflor, and Patchouli Essence Oscar de la Renta - Bella Blanca - notes of Lychee, Pear, Orange Flower, Jasmine, and Musk Confessions of a Rebel - Get a Room - notes of Apple Tree, Mandarin Oranges, Cypress, Vanilla, and much more.

How To Avail The Subscription Available On Scentbird

Check For The Subscription Plan 

While checking the subscription plan you need to make sure that What Size Are Scentbird Perfumes and which one do you need. After verifying the size  you can take the option that you like. Open the website select your desired subscription. Go through the terms and conditions. Verify any other additional detail and voila your good to go. The next step will be to avail yourself of the subscription after selecting your choices.

Avail The Subscription

Evaluating the subscription is an easy task. Firstly after selecting your desired plan you now need to apply your card details. After adding your details you are good to go. Just confirm the subscription plan that you want. And within 3 working days the perfume will be delivered right to your doorstep and if you feel any sort of ambiguity or don’t like the fragrance you can simply return it to the management by contacting the helpline. They will give you your money back and a full refund of your money. So why wait to grab your Scent Bird’s perfume today?

Perfume subscription service

Scentbird offers a remarkable perfume subscription service, providing a monthly 8 ml supply of designer scents tailored to individual preferences. Whether opting for a monthly surprise or taking advantage of the yearly plan with larger 180 ml bottles, Scentbird emphasizes quality and variety. Understanding How Much Is Scentbird and selecting the right size is key, allowing subscribers to explore a curated selection or take the Fragrance Quiz for personalized recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Scentbird worth the money?

Yes Scentbird is worth the money if you are confused that which perfume suits you and what brand is most suitable for you can avail themselves of their subscription in this way you won’t have to use the same perfume for the whole month. Instead you can keep changing and the best thing is that it will be delivered to your doorstep.

What is the price of Scentbird subscription?

The scentbird subscription starts from 16.95$ and goes on. The price increases as you keep changing the product. If you avail the same subscription for a while you can get many more discounts but if you keep changing the brands then there are chances the price will increase automatically.

How much is a Scentbird prescription?

A scentbird prescription ranges from 17 dollars to onwards as per the desired perfume choices. They have 3 plans quarter, semi, and annual and you can choose according to your preference which perfume brand and strips do you want and for how much time.

How Much Is Scentbird for a small bottle?

The smallest bottle starts from 15 dollars and holds around 8 ml.

How Much Is Scentbird for a big bottle?

The biggest bottle is around 80$ and holds around 180ml.

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