Big O Tires Alignment Pricing: Precisely How Much Does It Cost?

November 17, 2023 by Morgan

Since a wheel alignment isn't often associated with vehicle maintenance, few people give it any thought. However, you should give it some thought if you feel the need for one, since neglecting to do so might lead to several complications or even an accident. Therefore, have your wheels adjusted immediately if you feel the necessity. Alignment services are something that many people get done at Big O Tires. I was wondering How Much Is an Alignment at Big O Tires.

Cost of an alignment at Big O Tires?

Getting your tires aligned at Big O Tires should cost between $80 and $120, based on whether you just need the front wheels aligned or all four sides. Another thing to remember is that prices range between Big O Tire stores because they are in different places.

Does aligning the wheels make them safer?

The wheels aren't aligned properly when your vehicle pulls to one side or the other. This occurs when the angle of your wheels is incorrect, rendering all of your turning efforts futile.

You won't be able to precisely and quickly navigate tight bends, which poses a safety risk, particularly when you're traveling at high speeds. Keeping your automobile on the road becomes much more of a challenge in wet or snowy weather.

Does aligning your wheels make you feel better?

If your wheels aren't lined up right, you're not using the whole contact patch of the tire to smooth out bumps in the road. Wheels that are seriously out of alignment can even put extra weight on the sides of your tires, which will cause noises and a very loud roaring sound.

You may have to put more effort than usual to sit comfortably in your car because it feels bouncy and shaky. You can avoid all of these problems to get your wheels aligned.

Does aligning the wheels make the car use less fuel?

Terms like "drag" and "aerodynamics" are used to describe all types of automobiles, not only EVs, although some businesses prefer to use them to promote their electric vehicles. In order to achieve the desired speed, your engine must work harder due to factors such as increased drag caused by improperly aligned wheels.

The vehicle's fuel efficiency suffers as a result of this. Cars with properly aligned wheels go as straight as possible, reducing drag and fuel consumption.

How much does it cost to get your oil changed at Big O Tires?

Engine oil is perhaps the most crucial fluid found in every combustion engine automobile these days as it is needed to lubricate, cool down, actuate, clean, and seal the engine which means higher performance, better fuel efficiency, and a longer-lasting engine. There are several options for getting an oil change, but How Much Is an Oil Change at Big O Tires?

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What takes place during the alignment process?

When you take your car to an alignment shop, the expert will first use an alignment machine and an eye review to look at the angles at three checkpoints: caster, camber, and toe.


How steep the slope is between the road and the tire. How much of the tire touches the road is controlled by camber, which can also change how the tires wear.


The angle that the upper and lower ball joints of the steering system make with each other. This angle changes how the vehicle steers so that it stays at the right height and is more stable at high speeds.


Tire-to-road separation angle. Tire wear and handling stability are also impacted by this setting.

Some workers also take the car for a test drive on the road to look for signs of alignment issues, such as a steering wheel that shakes or a car that leans to the left or right when the steering wheel is at rest.


Big O Tires' alignment prices range from $99 to $299, depending on the kind of adjustment and the store's proximity to the customer. Front-wheel alignment is often less expensive than four-wheel or thrust alignment, however prices might vary widely depending on region and state. When you have your wheels Alignment at Big O Tires, you can expect to spend between $80 and $120.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an alignment take?

Alignments often don't take more than an hour. If the technician has to repair any worn or broken suspension components, the time it takes to execute a four-wheel alignment (as opposed to a front-wheel alignment) rises.

Why are alignments so expensive?

The technician may discover the necessity for other services, such as tire balance or suspension adjustments, when carrying out the alignment. Rates and prices for local labor might vary by location, service provider, and specialist.

Is a car alignment good or bad?

Aligning the wheels, or aligning the tires, may improve handling and longevity. You may notice a difference in the way your car handles and feel less road vibration or pushing in one direction.

How much does car wheel alignment cost?

Depending on the vehicle's make and model, a front wheel alignment will typically cost £35 (rear wheel alignment will cost the same) and a four wheel alignment will cost £70 (average).

How long does wheel balancing take?

Most people will need 45 minutes to two hours to get their tires balanced. For instance, if your tires are relatively fresh, your appointment time may be shorter, whereas if you require tire balancing because your vehicle struck a pothole, it may be longer.

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