Avianca Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy

December 21, 2023 by Ashley Reaney

Avianca Airlines is a major Colombian airline and one of the oldest in the world, established in 1919. Operating as the flag carrier of Colombia, Avianca serves domestic and international routes across the Americas, Europe, and some destinations in Asia. Avianca typically allows passengers to bring at least one piece of carry-on baggage free of charge, although specific size and weight restrictions apply. When booking with Avianca, knowing How much does Avianca Charge for Baggage is crucial. Knowing these charges in advance can significantly impact your travel budget. Learn more about the potential costs of your Avianca flight by reading their luggage policy. Having this information at your disposal enables for more thorough planning, which in turn leads to a more pleasant and affordable trip.

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Passengers with higher ticket classes or elite frequent flyer status within Avianca's loyalty program might be entitled to complimentary or discounted baggage allowances. Memberships in specific frequent flyer tiers often come with privileges such as increased baggage allowances or waived fees for checked bags. They also offer Avianca Promo Codes to their frequent flyer members. 

What are the Charges for Baggage?

Avianca Airlines typically charges for checked baggage based on several factors such as the destination, ticket class, frequent flyer status, and the number of bags. The fees for checked baggage can vary considerably. Generally, for domestic flights within countries like the United States or Colombia, charges for the first checked bag might start at around $30 to USD 40 and could increase for additional bags or if they exceed weight limits. For international flights, the fees might differ and could range from approximately $50 to USD 70 or more for the first checked bag. 

Is there a fee for carry-on baggage with Avianca Airlines?

Avianca typically allows passengers to bring at least one piece of carry-on baggage at no extra charge. However, it's essential to note that carry-on baggage must adhere to specific size and weight limitations stipulated by the airline. Oversized or overweight carry-on items might incur additional fees or require check-in as regular baggage, subject to applicable charges based on the airline's policies. 

Are there additional charges for excess baggage on Avianca flights?

Yes, Avianca generally imposes additional fees for excess baggage that surpasses the permitted weight or number of pieces. The excess baggage fees can vary depending on the specific flight route and the extent to which the baggage exceeds the allowed limit. To avoid excess baggage charges, passengers are encouraged to adhere to Avianca's baggage policies and consider purchasing extra baggage allowance in advance if they anticipate carrying additional items. 

Cancellation process of Avianca 

In case your travel plans change, it is vital to know How to Cancel Avianca Flight. Several variables could affect Avianca's cancellation policy, including the kind of ticket, tariff rules, and the time of cancellation. Cancelling a flight with Avianca is usually as easy as going to their website or giving them a call. Before you start the cancellation procedure, make sure you read the terms and conditions of your ticket to see if there are any fees or if you are eligible for a refund. This will make cancelling an Avianca flight easier and less stressful.


The exact route you're taking and the class of your ticket are several factors that influence Avianca's baggage fees. For the most accurate and current information about luggage charges, it's recommended to check How much does Avianca Charge for Baggage is on the website. These charges may change from one location to another and from one domestic flight to another. If you take the time to double-check these data before your Avianca flight, you can save money and make better plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many kg is Avianca baggage?

For most routes, including domestic and international flights, Avianca's standard checked baggage allowance often ranges from 23 kilograms to 32 kilograms.

Which airlines charge no baggage fees?

Southwest is known for its policy of allowing passengers to check two bags free of charge as part of their standard ticket fare.

What is the luggage charges in flight?

Luggage charges or baggage fees for flights can vary significantly among airlines and depend on several factors including the airline's policies, the route, ticket class, and frequent flyer status. Airlines typically have different fee structures for checked baggage, oversized or overweight baggage, and excess baggage.

Where can I find best avianca prices?

You can find the best prices on the official website of Avianca and also book your flight from there, getting the best prices and coupons available for the people who book online directly from the website.

Does Avianca accept plastic bags?

Avianca, like many airlines, typically follows international aviation security regulations and policies regarding the types of bags allowed on board. However, there might be limitations or restrictions on certain types of bags, including plastic bags, due to security and safety reasons.

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