Budgeting For Style: How Much Does A Blowout At Drybar Cost

December 05, 2023 by Emma

Blowouts are the new fashion trend in the world of hair styling. Gone were the days when people were using hair dryers themselves to get a blow-dry. But now on Saturday’s you will see a long queue of men and women  sitting in line on the Georgetown outpost just to get a blowout done and that only of drybar. Drybar provides hair styling services including haircut, hair dry, blow dry and much more and they claim that their blow-dry stays for up to 1 week without wash.

If they are providing so great and promising services the question is How Much Does A Blowout At Drybar Cost? In this article we will discuss in detail the services Drybar is providing and what’s the price range and discounts on specific services. Keep reading to learn more about Drybar:

Services Provided By Drybar

The Traditional Blowout

One of the most hyped services that drybar provides that is currently the talk of the town is the blowout by drybar. The blowout is a 45 minute sessions whose aim is not only to style your hair or give your hair a good look. But to give you a relaxation session where you will feel alive after 45 mins. The blowout is quite famous and pricey as well. They charge around 100$ for one session but no need to worry as you can get the same service for half price with the help of Drybar Coupon on weekends. But make sure that you are coming in early as after 9 there is a big line on the road who want to avail this service.

Hair Styling And Hair Cutting

Other services include hair styling and hair cutting. From traditional bob cuts to other fashionable hairstyles Drybar has experts that are certified in hair cutting and can give you any design that you want for your hair. Just show them the style and relax and they will do the rest part for you. Currently they have a weekend deal going on where you can get hair cutting, hair dry and hair styling for only 25USD. Other services may include hair extensions, hair  coloring and much more.

Is The Blowout By Drybar Worth It?

Honest Review

Drybar uses high-quality products that are specifically designed to help you achieve the best blowout style possible. These products are formulated to provide superior hold, volume, and shine, making your hair look and feel healthier. So if you are a little anxious whether to spend the money or not don’t be as the blowout by Drybar is completely worth it and they promise to give life to your dead looking hair by providing the best styling in town ever.

Summing It Up

Hairstyling has been transformed by Drybar's blowouts, which provide more than just a service—they're an experience. Now as you know How Much Does A Blowout At Drybar Cost and it may seem a bit costly but in spite of the price, their services are of high quality and provide a rejuvenated appearance that lasts, making the investment worthwhile.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Drybar blowouts last?

A good blowout will last 2 to 3 days but if it is a great blowout it will last up to 4 to 5 days. Along with that you will not need to style your hair daily as the blowout will keep your hair fixed. Furthermore, having a style that lasts means you won't need to get out of bed early every day to fix your hair.

Why is Drybar so expensive?

Drybar Is expensive because they are providing value for money. Some of their products are really expensive like the blow dryer is 200 USD. That’s a little too much but it provides high quality hair styling and you don’t need to worry about styling your hair again and again as it stay in place for up to a week.

How much do you tip at Drybar?

Tipping is a personal choice in some countries whereas tipping is considered a sense of humility in many countries. So it totally depends on the client what they want to tip or not tip at al. The owner can’t force them to tip.

How Much Does A Blowout At Drybar Cost on a weekend?

On weekends Drybar have special discounts on blowouts where you can get a 45$ blowout for 20$. Along with that you can get hair styling free with a blow out and have one blowout free with another blowout.

How Much Does A Blowout At Drybar Cost on weekdays?

On weekdays Drybar doesn’t have many deals and discounts and you will have to pay full price for a blowout whereas on weekends you can get special deals and discounts.

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