Duration of Zipcar Approval Process

December 28, 2023 by Ashley Reaney

Zipcar is a car-sharing service that offers a flexible and convenient transportation solution for urban residents and travelers. The service allows individuals to reserve vehicles by the hour or day using the Zipcar app or website. Members can select from a diverse fleet of vehicles parked at designated locations, ranging from compact cars to larger options like SUVs or trucks. It is essential to understand the steps of How Long does Zipcar Approval Takes. We will guide you through each step of the process, from submitting your application to the verification methods. The duration of Zipcar approval depends on the availability of information you have at that time.

Provide memberships and discounts

You can save money by using a Zipcar coupon. These Zipcar Coupons can be used throughout the reservation process to get discounts on Zipcar services, like lower costs for hourly or daily rentals, waived membership fees, and other special bargains. Sometimes, Zipcar will run promotions where you can save money or get a better rate if you rent for a longer period, like a week or a weekend. Regular users may also be eligible for discounts through membership programs.

The typical duration of Zipcar 

For those who need a car for a short period but don't want to commit to owning one, Zipcar's per-hour cost is a great option. The Zipcar price structure is explained by the question of How Much a Zipcar Costs Per Hour. Users can rent automobiles for shorter periods using the system, and the hourly pricing includes expenses like gas, insurance, and parking. This flexible solution is perfect for people who need transportation but don't want to commit to owning a car. It works well for shorter periods.

Factors that influence the duration of Zipcar approval

The duration of Zipcar membership approval can be influenced by factors such as the completeness and accuracy of the information provided in the application, the validation of the driver's license, membership eligibility, and any necessary background checks.

Are there instances when approval might take longer than usual?

Yes, occasionally, the approval process might take longer than usual if additional verification or documentation is needed. Factors like incomplete application details or the need for further background checks can contribute to a slightly prolonged approval timeline.

Can I check the status of my Zipcar membership application?

Yes, after applying, applicants can check the status of their Zipcar membership application by logging into their account on the Zipcar website or app. Moreover, reaching out to Zipcar's customer service can provide updates on the approval process.

Is there a way to expedite the approval process for a Zipcar membership?

While the approval process timing can vary, ensuring that all application information is complete, accurate, and meets Zipcar's eligibility criteria can help expedite the approval process. Additionally, promptly responding to any requests for further information or verification may help speed up the process. if you wait patiently and are loyal to them as they offer their promos to the customers who have been using Zipcar promptly. 

The cost of renting Zipcar

The Cost of Renting a Zipcar depends on various factors, including location, vehicle type, and membership plan. Typically, Zipcar offers hourly rates starting around $7 to $10 per hour, while daily rates average between $70 to $100. These prices may fluctuate based on specific variables such as demand, time of reservation, and promotional offers.

Process of Zipcar's verification 

It is important to recognize the processes of Zipcar's verification procedure before talking about the verification timeline. Time is added to the total at each stage, beginning with the application submission and ending with the verification procedures. How Long does Zipcar Verification Take Zipcar to verify an account depends on several things. All of these things contribute to the overall volume of applications, the precision of the documentation, and the effectiveness of the verification team.

Deactivation of Zipcar account 

If you are thinking about terminating your Zipcar account but aren't sure How to Delete Zipcar follow these steps for a smooth process. Log in to your Zipcar account either through the Zipcar website or the mobile app using your credentials. Once logged in, navigate to the account settings or profile section, where you should find an option related to account management or membership settings. Look for a feature like Close Account, Delete Account, or Deactivate Membership. Select this option, and the system will likely prompt you to confirm your decision to delete the account.


There are several variables fundamental to the application procedure that affect the timing for Zipcar approval. Regarding the question of How Long does Zipcar Approval Takes the answer is that it usually varies. However, the majority of applicants usually hear back from Zipcar within a day or so of submitting their application. Submitting a request to become a Zipcar member is a straightforward process designed to offer you access to convenient transportation solutions. The duration of Zipcar membership approval is typically swift, with most applicants receiving approval within minutes to a few hours. The process involves submitting an application on the Zipcar website or app, where provided information undergoes verification, and the driver's license is validated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Canadian use Zipcar in the USA?

Yes, Canadians can use Zipcar in the USA. Zipcar allows cross-border access for its members, meaning that Canadian Zipcar members can use the service in the United States and vice versa.

Can you use Zipcar without a card?

In most cases, to use Zipcar, you need a Zipcard, which is a key part of accessing and using their vehicles. The Zipcard is used to unlock the reserved vehicle by tapping it on the card reader located on the windshield or driver's side of the car.

Can I get my Zipcar account back?

If you previously deactivated or closed your Zipcar account and wish to reinstate or reactivate it, you might be able to do so depending on the policies and procedures of Zipcar.

What types of vehicles does Zipcar offer?

Zipcar offers a variety of vehicles, including compact cars, sedans, SUVs, vans, and trucks, catering to diverse transportation needs.

What is included in the Zipcar rental fee?

The rental fee typically covers fuel, insurance, maintenance, and parking fees. Users have a set mileage allowance per reservation, and additional charges might apply for exceeding the allotted distance.

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