How Long Does Urban Decay Foundation Last on Your Skin?

December 15, 2023 by Morgan

Urban Decay has been one of my favorite cosmetics companies for quite some time. Their lipsticks, makeup palettes, and more are all in my collection. A lighter, more daily foundation without extreme coverage is something I've been wanting and needing for a while now in my cosmetics collection. The search for an excellent foundation that works for my oily skin type and my daily demands continues. Here we have the Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation, which I just purchased and am absolutely in love with. How Long Does Urban Decay Foundation Last? Is covered in this blog.

The performance of the Urban Decay Stay Naked foundation

Weightless liquid foundation from Urban Decay Stay Naked is a formula that is, well, just that. Despite its feather-light texture, this liquid foundation packs a decent amount of coverage. You won't seem dry because to the matte finish, which is just right. To put it another way, it's a very "naked" appearance. However, it lacks any luster. The mixture is not heavy

You get adequate coverage when you use this Stay Naked Foundation, but it won't be heavy or clingy. Along with that, a little is also plenty. This foundation is great for building coverage. Apply it lightly by stippling it onto your skin with a blending sponge. Use a foundation-style brush with a blurring tip for medium buildable coverage. Additionally, a flat foundation brush will provide better coverage for heavier applications.

The Duration

Because my skin is so oily, I'm continually trying different foundations to see how long they last. If you're prone to oiliness, in particular, I highly suggest using one of these primers. Applying a primer makes this last all day.


Seeing appealing packaging is a certain way to increase sales, isn't it? No way! The bottle design is appealing, even if I pretend it isn't really essential. It's really light and stylish. Thanks to its precise dosing mechanism, the pump is ideal for this product.

Advice on Using Urban Decay's Stay Naked Foundation

Long-Term Protection

You can certainly add coverage to this product. When you're short on time but still want a tinted moisturizer, just mix a bit with your regular moisturizer. For a more subtle application, try using a blending sponge. Using a thick, flat foundation brush will provide better coverage.

Brush Vs Sponge

As an application method, you are free to utilize either or—or even your fingers! I would recommend using a brush for more coverage and a sponge for a more delicate application.

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Use these special discount codes to take your beauty routine to the next level and get the most out of your Urban Decay purchasing experience. With these secret codes, you can save a ton of money on high-quality cosmetics without sacrificing style. Indulge in the opulence of Urban Decay without breaking the bank by keeping an eye out for the most recent Urban Decay Promo Code.

Sharpen Urban Decay Glide-On Eye Pencil

Perfectly defined eyes are yours for the taking with the Urban Decay Glide-On Eye Pencil and some practice sharpening. Get the most out of your sharpening tools by using the Urban Decay Grindhouse Double Barrel Saw. Gently twist the pencil until it reaches the appropriate point after inserting it into the bigger aperture. For safety's sake and to save from wasting product, don't sharpen them too much. Sharpen Urban Decay Glide on Eye Pencil before each use ensures clean lines and well-defined eyes, leading to a professional look.

Prime Your Eyes with Urban Decay Eyeshadow

Apply Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion to your regimen for vivid and long-lasting eye effects. Apply an even coat of eyeshadow over your eyelids using a little quantity squeezed onto your fingers. The primer makes your eyeshadow last all day without fading or creasing by increasing the pigmentation and preventing the product from drying out. You may get flawless eye makeup with the help of Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer by following this easy yet effective technique.

Apply Urban Decay Setting Spray for the Perfect Finish

The Urban Decay Setting Spray is the perfect finishing touch for a beauty look that lasts. Spray the spray over your face in a "T" and "X" configuration after you've applied your makeup, holding it at arm's length. Applying makeup with this one easy step can keep it in place all day long. If you want your makeup to stay on all day, whether you're in the office or attending a formal event, the setting spray is an essential tool.


You must use Urban Decay foundations within the recommended term, even if they have high-quality ingredients. Keep an eye on your foundation and replace it if you see any changes. Take care of your skin first and foremost, and enjoy the glow that a new application brings. In the end, being aware of the longevity of Urban Decay foundation allows you to make educated choices about your cosmetic regimen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Urban Decay All Nighter foundation waterproof?

If you have mixed or oily skin, you need a waterproof foundation with a matte finish like Urban Decay's All Nighter Liquid Full Coverage Foundation.

How long should you wear foundation for?

Makeup may technically be worn all day long without causing any issues for those without sensitive skin. Wearing makeup all day long is possible with products designed for sensitive skin.

How long does a foundation lasts?

The normal shelf life of water-based foundation is one year, whereas that of oil-based foundation is about eighteen months. You may want to think about getting a new cream blush or foundation every six months to a year. Powder goods have a shelf life of up to two years when kept dry and in an appropriate container.

Can I wear foundation every day?

Anything should work as long as you use the correct formula for your skin type. I recommend a hydrating liquid foundation for older or dry skin. I recommend an oil-free liquid foundation for normal to mixed skin.

Does foundation reduce oily skin?

Even while powder foundations tend to have oil-absorbing qualities, liquid and crème foundations may also function admirably on oily skin.

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