How Does Burlington Coat Factory Sell So Cheap?

November 24, 2023 by Morgan

Though Burlington Coat Factory has grown to be associated with fashionable and reasonably priced apparel, many consumers are left wondering, how does Burlington Coat Factory Sell So Cheap? We'll explore the several elements that go into the retailer's capacity to provide high-quality goods at reasonable costs in this blog article.

Understanding Burlington Coat Factory's Business Model

Strategic Sourcing

Burlington Coat Factory is a master at strategic sourcing, which is obtaining goods from the appropriate vendors and at the appropriate times. Through the development of contacts with manufacturers and the negotiation of bulk deals, the company is able to get items at a lower cost than some of its rivals.

Off-Price Retailing

Burlington's off-price retailing strategy is a major factor in its affordability. In contrast to conventional stores that operate on a full-price strategy, Burlington purchases closeout, overstock, and excess goods from other retailers and manufacturers. This enables businesses to provide customers with substantial discounts.

Does Burlington Coat Factory Offer Coupons, Promo Codes?

Occasionally, Burlington Coat Factory offers great coupons that allow discerning customers to save even more on already-discounted items. Burlington Coat Factory Coupons are available both online and in-store, providing savings on an extensive selection of goods and further enhancing the cost-effective shopping experience at Burlington.

The Supply Chain Advantage

Quick Inventory Turnover

Burlington Coat Factory is well known for its rapid turnover of inventory. This implies that goods don't sit on the shelf for a long time. The corporation can save money overall by reducing its expenditures on warehousing and other related expenses when stuff moves more quickly.

Flexible Supply Chain

The supply chain of the business is made to be adaptable and flexible. Burlington can react quickly to shifts in consumer preferences and industry trends thanks to its agile supply chain. Because of their agility, they may take advantage of opportunities to purchase items at a discount and pass those savings forward to clients.

Quality without the High Price Tag

Focus on Value

Burlington Coat Factory prioritizes providing value to its customers. The business is committed to supplying high-quality products, even with their inexpensive prices. Because of this commitment to quality over extravagance, clients can experience affordable fashion without sacrificing design.

Private Label Brands

Burlington adds private label brands to its product lineup in a calculated manner. By doing this, the business can better manage expenses and guarantee that the quality of its private label products both meets and beyond consumer expectations while remaining reasonably priced.

Why is Burlington Coat Factory so cheap

If you're wondering Why Is Burlington Coat Factory So Cheap. The affordability of Burlington Coat Factory stems from a number of calculated actions. The business negotiates advantageous prices to purchase products from a variety of sources, including overstock and canceled orders. Their lean operating approach minimizes overhead costs by placing an emphasis on efficiency.

Burlington maintains control over production costs by promoting private label products and adopting a no-frills shopping approach The Company’s size gives it enormous purchasing power, allowing it to bargain for advantageous terms from suppliers. Customers on a tight budget are drawn to the brand because it consistently provides premium goods at remarkably low prices, which is made feasible by its adaptable merchandising plan and minimal marketing expenses.

Economies of Scale

Large Scale Operations

The extensive nationwide network of Burlington Coat Factory locations helps to achieve economies of scale. Large-scale operations lower the cost per unit by allowing fixed costs, such marketing and distribution, to be distributed over a higher volume of sales.

Efficient Cost Management

The business is renowned for its effective cost control procedures. Burlington makes sure that extraneous expenses are kept to a minimum through efficient operations and prudent expense management. This enables them to focus their resources on providing clients with unbeatable rates.

Consumer Perception and Brand Loyalty

Transparent Pricing

Burlington Coat Factory keeps their pricing policy open and honest. Customers are won over to the company's off-price retail approach, which builds loyalty and trust. Customers are more likely to return for more purchases when the process is simple and appreciated.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Happy consumers frequently turn into brand ambassadors, telling others about the amazing bargains they discover at Burlington Coat Factory. Word-of-mouth advertising is an effective strategy that the business uses to draw in new clients and hold on to current ones, which promotes long-term success.


Burlington Coat Factory has broken with the retail industry's conventional wisdom, where price and quality are frequently seen as inversely correlated. The shop has been able to create a business model that consistently provides competitively cost clothing without compromising quality thanks to its commitment to value-driven marketing, strategic sourcing, off-price selling, and an efficient supply chain. Therefore, remember this the next time you wonder, how does Burlington Coat Factory Sell So Cheap? The answer is not only in the pricing but also in a well-considered business model that puts the requirements of the customer first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are things so cheap at Burlington?

The business strategy of off-price merchants is to purchase name-brand clothing, accessories, and shoes at extremely low prices from retailers who are eager to get rid of extra inventory, and then offer the merchandise to customers at steep discounts. Additionally, stores have been clearing out a lot of inventory since last year.

Why can't you shop online for Burlington?

In our business, which is modest off-price business, the nature of the treasure hunt and the normal price point that we work at means that mortar-and-bricks outlets have a remarkable competitive and economic advantage over e-commerce.

Can you return clearance items to Burlington?

Returns for any item must be made within 30 days after purchase. Kindly bring the original receipt with you. The item must be brand-new, undamaged, and in its original packaging.

What is Burlington's pricing strategy?

Since we want you to shop at Burlington knowing that our everyday low prices are genuine, we include a comparable value with many of our products. Our buyers assess our comparable value by estimating the retail prices of comparable or identical products offered by full-price sellers.

Why is Burlington so successful?

Customers can also obtain nationally branded, stylish, high-quality, and reasonably priced products with the aid of Burlington Stores' off-price strategy. In addition to increasing the number of vendors, management has improved marketing strategies, made technology breakthroughs, and is concentrating on regional assortments.

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