Accessing Your O’Reilly Auto Parts W2: A Step-by-Step Guide

December 14, 2023 by Ashley Reaney

O’Reilly Automotive Incorporated is an American auto part retailer that provides automotive parts, tools, equipment, and accessories to professional service providers and do-it-yourself customers. Form W2 is an Internal Revenue Service tax form used in the United States to report wages paid to employees and the taxes withheld from them. It is essential that the employees at O'Reilly Auto Parts know How Can You Get O’Reilly Auto Parts W2 form. These measures simplify guaranteeing appropriate tax filings and financial management, whether you access it online or request assistance from HR or support.

Does O’Reilly Auto Parts offer discounts?

Yes, O’Reilly Auto Parts establishes coupons on car parts and accessories for your vehicle that will help you save money. You can also easily get O’Reilly Auto Parts Coupons while shopping online for the items you need for your car to be in the best shape.

Steps to obtain the W2 Forms of O’Reilly auto parts

The following steps below will help you to get the W2 Forms of O’Reilly auto parts. If you have chosen to get your W2 Form through electronic mail, you should have received an e-mail from O’Reilly with the instructions on how to access your W2 form online. If you didn’t get your W2 Form through e-mail, you can contact your employer and request for a copy of the form as they are required to provide you with a copy of the form by the end of the year.

Does O’Reilly auto parts assure the reliability of the products?

O’Reilly Auto Parts has the equipment and know-how to test alternators and starters and can provide quick and free information to help you determine the health of your starting and charging system that assures the customer the reliability of the product. However, their customer service, corporate office problems, and store managers are not good as many customers are dissatisfied with their services.

Is O’Reilly Auto Parts a huge brand?

Yes, O’Reilly Auto Parts is a big brand in the United States and Mexico. It is the most powerful and influential auto parts retailer in all of its market areas. For employees looking for help in a physical store, it can be helpful to know How Many O’Reilly Auto Parts Stores Are There present across different locations. O’Reilly works on a big scale with more than 6000 stores worldwide with a total of 6,063 stores in 48 United States and 48 ORMA stores in Mexico.

O’Reilly auto parts Hours of Operation

Staff may also question What Time Does O’Reilly Auto Parts Open for in-store visits or inquiries. The Opening Hours Of O’Reilly Auto Parts vary by location, but in standard, the opening hours of the store from Monday to Saturday are 7:30 am to 9 pm, and on Sunday, operating hours are from 9 am to 8 pm local time. Some stores may open earlier or close later depending on the demand.

Does O'Reilly Auto Parts have a certain number of stores?

It might be beneficial for workers to understand How Many Stores Does O'Reilly Auto Parts Have over the country. Over 6,000 O'Reilly Auto Parts outlets ensure statewide accessibility. The firm now only sells in the US. O'Reilly's wide variety, customer service, and accessible retail positioning set it apart. The company's website allows clients to buy online, complementing the in-store experience. O'Reilly Auto Parts supports local events and groups, building community bonds.


Learning the ins and outs of How Can You Get O’Reilly Auto Parts W2 is essential for keeping track of money and meeting tax requirements.Following these steps, whether you access it online or reach out to HR or support, will simplify financial management and ensure proper tax returns. Form by either getting through e-mail or requesting a copy of the W2 Form from the employer. If the employer is unable to provide the form, then you can request a transcript of your wage and tax payment from the Internal Revenue Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you look up O’Reilly’s receipts?

Yes, you can look up the invoices and even print them from the O’Reilly auto parts website. Also, you can get access to valuable information on the website, such as your gift card balance, current order, previous order, personal information, and e-mail settings that would all be available on the online account of O’Reilly Auto Parts.

How do I contact O’Reilly Auto Parts?

You could either chat directly with a member of the support team of O’Reilly Auto Parts or you can also call them on the different contact numbers given for each issue. For general information, contact 1-888-876-6759, and for customer service, contact 1-800-755-6759.

Who owns O’Reilly Automotive?

O’Reilly Automotive is owned by 85.6% of institutional shareholders, 48.88% of O’Reilly automotive insiders, and 0.00% by retail investors. The founding family of O’Reilly including the chairman of the board, vice-chairman, and CEO owns a total share of 34.3%.

Does O’Reilly Parts have a return policy?

It does have a flexible return policy that allows you to return an item by taking it to a store or by shipping it back. They do not have a deadline for return but suggest customers return as soon as possible to avoid inconvenience and late procedures.

What is the O’Reilly auto parts warrant policy?

They offer a limited warranty on any product purchased from them. If your product is defective and covered by warranty, you may return it to any O’Reilly auto parts store for a replacement, repair, or refund. You must have an original sale receipt to be eligible for warranty service.

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