22 Products of Amazon That Will Keep the House Looking Clean and Tidy in 2024

February 07, 2024 by Alice Green

If you are looking for ways to keep your home significantly cleaner, then consider using the listed products below.

1. A pack of all-purpose compostable wipes will clean under your bathroom sink in no time… so why not swab things down once a day so you never have to deal with dust?

All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes

The counter, faucet, toilet tank, top of the toilet lid, toilet handle, sink, and toilet seat, are the most gross surfaces. These wipes will wipe away all the germs from those surfaces easily. They won't disinfect but they will eliminate dirt and grime with just a few seconds of work.

Promising review: "Although I am not into buying a case of cleaning wipes but still these wipes attract me and yet here, I am, justifying a $40 to buy these wipes.

I am a big fan of Method anyway and have used the grapefruit and lavender-scented wipes for years. Brands like Lysol and Clorox wipes make my hands rough and dry out; they have their place when disinfecting but for everyday use the fewer chemicals the better.

Highly recommended, I wish this scent were available in other Method products.” wendy sullivan

Get a pack of three containers of plant-based, compostable cleaning wipes on Amazon.

2. Spray all over the shower walls, curtain/door, tub, fixtures, and floor with a no-wipe, no-scrub formula. You will be amazed to see the after results, never need to deep clean your shower ever again.

ECOS Bathroom Cleaner

This daily shower cleaner has all-natural ingredients that will help in removing soap scum and other oils off your shower walls, so they get rinsed down the drain, instead of drying where they landed. It is an EPA Safer Choice-certified product. Many people review the product that it’s a good one. This Daily Shower cleaner keeps their shower clean with regular use.

Promising review: "I use a spray after my shower almost daily. It is great at keeping soap scum from building up and doesn't leave streaks. I appreciate that it has few ingredients. The bottle is strong and the sprayer works well. For me, the smell isn't great, but it's not a big deal. It reminds me of the half-stick of Big Red cinnamon gum that my mom used to give me in my childhood. The scent is light and doesn't last long. Next time I buy it, I might try a different scent, but I will repurchase it.” gigi

Get this no-wipe solution’s two bottles from Amazon. Watch the amazing “before” and “after” video on TikTok.

3. Catch all the hair you and the people you live with shed in the shower using a silicone drain cover, so you can stop spending so much $$ on chemical de-cloggers and never have to call the plumber for help.

silicone drain cover

This fits over pretty much any drain, whether it pops up, sinks in, or is flat and flush with the rest of the tub. It's made of silicone, which means even if it gets a little mildewy, you'll be able to easily wipe the gross stuff off. The weighted top holds it in place, and your hair stays trapped while the water flows through.

Promising review: "I have long hair and I shed like crazy. This is the best little thing I have ever invested in and it's worth it. It keeps all my hair from going down the drain and it was super easy to install and keep in place. Absolutely will never go without one of these ever again, especially if it keeps me from having to snake my drain.” Jessica Moehring

Get this Amazing sink cover on Amazon.

4. Have you ever seen a gel stamp that will clean the toilet? If not then use this magical thing because after this no scrubbing is required.

Toilet Cleaning Gel Stamps

This stamping gel will remove the toughest stains on your bathroom seat. All you have to do is restamp as needed (about every 12 days or so, depending on how often the toilet's flushed).

Promising review: "I love this gel stamp! It’s very easy to use and apply to the toilet. It smells nice and fresh, and it doesn’t have a strong scent. each stamp lasts a while, which is nice. For the price, this thing is worth it. It keeps my bathroom clean and smells nice.” Palmmy

Get one stamp (that is enough to keep your toilet clean for up to four months) on Amazon.

5. Eject the rusty stains of your bathroom with some spray-on cleaning gel. Just one spray and Tadaa!!! Rinse to reveal your bathroom's sparkle.

Iron OUT Spray Gel Rust Stain Remover

This product is just amazing, works like magic. It can also remove rust stains from color-safe fabrics and many other surfaces. You can try the same brand's all-purpose powder iron stain remover and their automatic toilet tank tablets as well.

Promising review: "This cleaner is amazing! It works wonders on everything from my kitchen sink and bathtub to my toilet, floors, and countertops. It's especially good at removing rust stains. Applying it is easy -- just spray it on and let it work its magic for a few minutes. For minor stains, there's no need for any scrubbing. Afterward, I rinse the area and give it a quick wipe-down to make sure everything is clean. However, the cleaner has a very strong scent, so I recommend opening a few windows while using it and wearing a mask or a scarf over your nose and mouth. This is especially important if you're using the powder version, which has a chemical scent that can make your throat feel like it's burning. Despite this, I highly recommend this product. It's amazing, and I doubt I'll ever need to use anything else. Jake

Get a bottle on Amazon. Watch the oddly satisfying TikTok video results here.

6. This no-odor mold and mildew remover gel removes your gross grout in no time. Just apply this smooth gel and simply rinse it away after a few hours.

Skylarlife Home Grout Stain and Sealant Stain Whitener

This product will show the actual result when you let it sit for up to four to five hours (or even overnight). This gel formula sticks and stays exactly where you put it down, which is why it works better than just spraying with regular bleach.

Promising review: "I was doubtful before using this product…. because I’ve seriously tried so many things, grout bleach, grout pens, stains, steam cleaning, baking soda, scrubbing with a toothbrush, etc. But nothing worked on these corner stains. But I am amazed after using this gel, it worked like magic even on the toughest stains. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any manual labor on scrubbing, etc. Just put it in a dry area and wait 5 hours then hose it down. Super happy!” Chris

Get two bottles from Amazon.

7. These sweeper slippers will easily pick up gross and dust-like hair and little water drips as you cook, do your makeup, etc. Now clean your wood or tile floors easily.

sweeper slippers

Their microfiber bottoms will pick up dust and grime easily. You can use your feet as little brooms, sweeping everything into one pile that is easier to pick up.

Promising review: "I always find myself in a situation where I need to walk across my freshly mopped floors. These slippers will save me in that situation. These are super comfortable and perfect for doing that. Sometimes I even use them as daily house slippers. Though I haven’t tried washing them yet, but other than that, I’m glad I got them.” Kira

These sweeper slippers are available in 16 designs and four sizes on Amazon.

8. This robotic floor cleaner will remove dust in no time than you ever thought possible. Powerful Suction will get the job done easily and quickly.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum floor robot moves between hard floors and low-pile carpets/rugs without any disturbance. It can pick up all the accumulated dust, dirt, and hair in the corners.

Promising review: "I purchased this product to clean the fur and litter from my cat off the carpet in one room. We previously owned a more advanced Roomba with Wi-Fi connectivity and self-emptying features, but this product is not as fancy and does not offer those features. However, it gets the job done. We have set it on a timer to clean every day, and it works consistently. I only need to empty the dust bin, which takes about two seconds, and clean the floor bristles. We also purchased cheap replacement filters, bristles, and other parts on Amazon, and they work well with the product. I love it so much that I bought another one for other house parts to supplement the Roomba's shortcomings. This product is more reliable and does not generate error messages. It will clean your floors well without any issues, even if you don't care about mapping or remote start features.” MamaBear

Get it on Amazon available in two colors.

9. And if you have dogs then this paw washer wipes down their paws with no effort, so next time they go out use this device before they come back inside.

Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

This paw washer could help, because it has super gentle silicone bristles so many dogs don't mind using it. It will help rinse off most dirt and mud with just a quick dip or two. Just imagine how much cleaner your floors would stay if your dogs stopped bringing dirt inside with them.

Promising review: "We bought the large device to use on our labrador. This is the second brand we tried from Amazon, the first one we bought (in a large) could get her back paws in but it was not large enough for her front paws. This is an easy-to-use gadget and large enough. We wash her paws frequently, after every walk, and often when she just comes in from the backyard because she has sensitive paws. So, giving them a quick rinse helps her that. We'll sometimes put a little of her shampoo in there, then give the paws another dunk in just water. It's easy to rinse off the soap and dirt. Highly recommend.” Nicole

Get one on Amazon (available in three sizes and six colors). Watch the TikTok video for results.

10. Keep a bottle of all-purpose stain remover when you need it the most…. where you don't want to deal with a professional carpet cleaner.

Folex Carpet Spot Remover

All you have to do is spray directly on the stain, gently massage it into the carpet, wait a couple of minutes, then wipe it up. The product also removes food, coffee, ink, wine, ketchup, and pet/child stains.

Promising review: "I have used this cleaner for several years, it works very well when following the directions. This foaming carpet cleaner worked well however they don't have many applications before they are used up. This can be used for several years of regular cleaning. You don’t have to wait for hours to see the visible results. For best results let the spray cleaner wait a couple of minutes then scrub. I have whole house carpeting and this has helped it look and keep clean after several years with pets.” D Mann

Get a 32-ounce bottle on Amazon.

11. Those cleaning tablets will remove water spotting and funky smells in the dishwasher. Run a cycle with these tablets, drop one in the bottom, and voila!!

 Dishwasher Cleaner 6 Tablets

There are a couple of dishwasher cleaners out there, but this one is amazing. These tablets are easy to use and simply used when the cycle runs in the dishwasher. Those lime build-up stains and water stains will be removed easily with these tablets.

Promising review: "If you want your dishwasher to be spotless and free of odors, try Affresh W10549851 Cleaner. This pack of six tablets is specially designed to remove buildup and limescale, improving the performance of your appliance. Using Affresh regularly has made my dishwasher look and smell like new after every wash cycle. The tablet format is convenient and easy to use - simply drop one in and let it work its cleaning magic. You'll no longer have to worry about stubborn residues and your dishes will be spotless. Affresh is a must-have for anyone who wants their dishwasher to be efficient and clean.”. Ryan

Get a six-pack of the tablet from Amazon.

12. If you wash dirty dishes with your hand then this magical Foaming Soap will blow your mind. Those extra greasy dishes will be washed easily.

Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray

Just spray a little and don’t wait long and it also doesn’t require too much scrubbing when you soak it in this for a second.

Promising review: "This spray foam soap is the real deal. I like this product because it just works better than the traditional saw soap. It cuts through the grease and grime and now I prefer the spray over anything. This product is easy to use on countertops too since it's in a spray bottle. The multi-pack seems to be the cheapest way to go, so I buy in bulk! Be sure to get the refill bottles after you have purchased the spray bottle initially.” BQualls

Get four bottles from Amazon.

13. Always put a shallow cookie sheet or any reusable liner on the bottom rack of your oven to avoid any spills before they start.

Non Stick Oven Liners Mat

As putting foil on the bottom of your oven is quite dangerous so use these kinds of liners instead. They are safe to use.

Promising review: "I have received these liners on an urgent basis. When my husband used it for the first time so I wanted to be sure enough that they worked pretty well. And yes they are easy to use and clean up easily, just rinsed right off with water. They came in 3 packs and did not need to be cut to fit perfectly on the bottom rack. I had thought I could put them on the bottom of the stove, package said those kinds of ovens needed to be used in the bottom rack only, not sure what I’ll do if I have to use both oven racks. Otherwise, great product.” Bonnie Wise

Get a pack of three of this oven liner on Amazon.

14. A 2-in-1 cleaner and polish will eliminate the odor and stains on your stainless-steel appliances. So, apply a small amount and see the magic by yourself.

Therapy Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish Bundle with Microfiber Cloth

This cleaner works like magic on stainless-steel appliances and utensils, try it before you throw them away.

Promising review: "This product moved me to write an ‘amazing’ review here. We moved into a house earlier in the year and it came with several stainless-steel appliances. Those appliances have grease marks that are tough as hell. However, we were stuck with them and to keep the kitchen look bought more appliances to match. I was constantly wiping and cleaning the units to remove marks. When I saw this product advertisement then decided to try it. And it’s quite amazing! One application a couple of weeks ago and the marks and fingerprints vanished, the appliances looked great. Despite normal use, there are no signs of fingerprints on any appliance. Very impressive. I’m a convert.” Martin Owen

Get a 16-oz bottle with a cloth on Amazon. Watch the satisfying TikTok video results here.

15. If you are tired of gross fridge… then line your refrigerator shelves with these washable mats. They are absorbent and machine washable, and the sticky mess will be painstakingly scraped off within no time.

DII Fridge Liner Collection Non-Adhesive

If you are looking for some amazing liners for your messy fridges then this is the right product for you. They come in a convenient 12"x24" size and probably fit on the main shelves of your fridge.

Promising review: "They are easy to line on the fridge shelves. Come in good thickness, just right for absorption without being too thick or too thin. They were easy to cut and install on my fridge door shelves. It is just the right width for the drawers. And Nice looking too!” MJ

These washable mats are available in 28 colors and designs on Amazon.

16. These cleaning pods are a true time saver… Put it in your Keurig coffee machine and "brew" it and you'll have a cleaner coffee maker in less than three minutes.

Urnex K-Cup Cleaner

You can use it up to once a week. It helps clean all the built-up coffee residue and oils from the brew chamber and the pour spout. It's also good to use right before a tea or hot chocolate K-Cup so you don't have any coffee flavor contaminating it. It deep cleans the coffee maker easily.

Promising review: "Keurig recommends using cleaning pods to clean the needle where coffee comes out. It's easy to use - just put the cleaning pod in and brew a cup like you normally would. However, it's important to follow the directions carefully since it's a chemical. Make sure your coffee maker is clean before you drink your next cup of coffee. I recommend using this product to keep your brewer working well.” Bernie S.

Get a pack of five from Amazon.

17. The OXO dish brush will shine up your cooktop or stove in five minutes. So, make a decision now and deep clean your cooktop and make it shiny like never before.

If you want your cooktop to be clean and free from grease then use this magical brush. Apply some hydrogen peroxide, sprinkle with baking soda, and scrub it and see the magic.

Promising review: "This dish brush is a time saver for me. Love this dish brush! I ordered my first one over a year ago, and now I am ordering it again. Best dish brush I've ever found. Bristles are firm, not hard. Good size and great quality. I give it a good workout, as I rarely use a dishwasher, and it holds out for a long time.” Mellie

Get a dish brush on Amazon.

18. This lint roller quickly picks up all the dust that's built up on your lampshades...yes !!! wondering if any gadget is here for your lampshades too. By using your pet will be clean too…

Scotch-Brite Lint Roller

It is a great rolling machine that removes dust particles easily. You can easily use this on carpets, lampshades, and on your pets as well.

Promising review: "I have a double coat mixed breed dog and I use this daily after combing him to pick up his excess loose fur. My dog enjoys being lint rolled up and feels so tidy after this. No issues with the sheets prematurely coming off the roll like with other brands and the sheets roll on the roller with ease. I tried other brands and they do perform not well. So, I'll stick with these name-brand lint rollers from now on.” Dana

Get a pack of five lint rollers on Amazon.

19. Use this microfiber duster and wipe down all dusty surfaces. It works like a magnet on dust, attracts and holds onto easily.

OXO Good Grips Microfiber Hand Duster

If you are tired of old traditional gadgets for dusting. Then this new invention will impress you. This one from Oxo is very thin so it can squeeze into tight gaps. To clean it you just run the cover through a gentle cycle in the washer and air-dry.

Promising review: "Its handle is made of a rubber grip, that will be easy to hold and has a hole cut out so it can be hung up when not in use. The material used for the duster makes it easy to catch dust when cleaning. The design is thin and flexible which allows it to be used in hard-to-reach areas. Duster has a Snap-On button used to secure the microfiber head and can be easily taken off to wash.” Andrew

Get it from Amazon (also comes with an expanding duster).

20. What if your house smells good?? You want it… Make bad smells vanish without lifting a finger: Just light up a candle and the odor go away.

These candles are made with 100% soy wax and an odor-neutralizer. So, you don’t have to clean your house again and again. This candle will stop your house from smelling like wet dog or cat litter.

Promising review: "I have a small apartment, and the only place to fit my cat's litterbox was the entryway. I always do clean the box frequently, but there was still a noticeable odor, particularly right after she used it. I ordered this candle but didn't have very high hopes - I'm really sensitive to artificial scents, and a lot of scented candles just make me sneeze. I've only tried it once, and it doesn't trigger my allergies! I haven't even lit it, just set it open on top of the litterbox enclosure, and my apartment gets a nice soft apple cider breeze with any airflow. I went away for a weekend, and when I got home there was no full litter smell! This is surprisingly amazing… I don't know how long it will last as I haven't had it long, or if I'll need to start burning it at any point to 'recharge' it, but I can see me using this for as long as the odor absorption lasts.” Katie

Get one on Amazon (available in 32 scents).

21. These water-blade squeegee will easily clean pet hair off your sofa, furniture, and anything that's upholstered with fabric.

OXO Good Grips Wiper Blade Squeegee

It’s an easy-to-use gadget, just spritz it once or twice, squeegee it, and watch it clump up. Then use your hands or a vacuum to suck up the clumps.

Promising review: "I have been using OXO products for a long time and recently bought a new squeeze because my old one was worn out. I must say that this is the best squeeze I have ever had. Cleaning the water off my shower doors used to take a while but now it takes no time and it doesn't squeak. Although the company should have sent a hook to hang this on, I used my old one and it works fine. This squeeze cannot be beaten. It took me a long time to choose OXO and I am glad I did.

UPDATE: I am so pleased with this product that I am buying it again for my family's second bathroom. This is an amazing squeeze and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs one.” Lucky

You can get this OXO squeegee on Amazon.

22. Try this reusable pet hair roller and even quicker and easier, splurge a little on a handheld pet hair vacuum that requires very little effort.

Chom Chom Roller Pet Hair Remover and Reusable Lint Roller

The roller is super quick, cheaper, and more compact than the vacuum. It easily picks up hair from couches, chairs, and other upholstered furniture. It does require a little bit of elbow grease in the form of semi-rigorous rolling up and down. You open up the back to empty the hair when you're done, and it's ready to reuse.

Promising review: " I have a mix of Goldie and border collie, and I'm always covered in hair. It's all over my truck, my clothes, and my house. I have to clean every day, but she's worth it. I found a roller that works well on flat surfaces to pick up the hair. It works better on textured surfaces than on smoother ones, but it still does the job. Even if you normally use tape rollers, this one is worth getting because it reduces the amount of tape you need to use. It also works on clothes, but it's better to use a roller for that. I plan on buying another one to keep in my car. It works well in my truck, but not perfectly. It's great on the carpet, but the seats are smoother and other tools work better on them. Overall, it's a great product.” J. J. Saldarriaga Jr.

You can get this roller on Amazon. Watch the satisfying video results on TikTok.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is home significantly cleaner and how does it differ from other cleaning products?

Some of the products are used for deep cleaning and are meant to be used for a good smell. Ordinary cleaning products did not deep clean and disinfect.

Do you choose products that are safe for use on all types of surfaces and materials?

Of course, yes, every home has children or pets and they need special care so choose the products that are safer to use and free of chemicals.

What technologies have you experienced that will be used for effective cleaning?

Some advanced cleaning brooms, vacuum robots, and cleaning pods have been invented for deep cleaning the house. So, try them and make your clean tidy, and free from bacteria.

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