Discover 16 Budget-Friendly Alternatives of Brands to Save Money This Winter

February 15, 2024 by Alice Green

1. A pair of Bearpaw ankle boots will help you look cozy and stylish within your budget. These boots are waterproof and also protect you from freezing weather.

Bearpaw ankle boots

Promising review: "After my critical surgery, I haven’t been able to wear any boots. But these boots are flat and do not harm my knees. I also have thick ankles which makes some boots impossible to even get on. But these boots have plenty of room to spare! Between these two issues, I have been without proper winter footwear for several years. I always ended up wearing sneakers or dress-up flat boots during the harsh winters. These boots are so comfortable, they’re so warm and I Love them!” Sarah Teel Bray

Get them from Amazon (available in sizes 5–13 and 18 colors).

2. If Doc Martens is your go-to style, then these chunky lace-up boots will be loved by you as well. but you're going to spend less than $100 on these. Your feet will feel warm and protected, and there is no need to painstakingly do up the laces every single time.

chunky lace-up boots

Promising review: "These boots are shiny and I got my regular size easily and they fit perfectly. I walked with them around the house and they are not too creaky. They are more like combat boots. They’re super cute and stylish, especially for the price. So, I would highly recommend so go get them!” eloisa

Get it from Amazon (available in sizes 5.5–10 and four colors).

3. This cute checkerboard throw blanket can keep you warm on chilly winter mornings and comes with softness and trendy print in your choice of beautiful colors.

checkerboard throw blanket

Promising review: "I first saw the ad on Instagram and I decided to have it! It is a perfect summer blanket if you sleep with your AC on, it is not too heavy and not too light. It’s a great substitute for my duvet and I didn’t want to invest in buying another one. It’s super soft, and my cats love it too lol. It’s the perfect baby pink color and the checkered pattern makes it so fun. I didn’t notice any odor when I unpacked it but I still washed it before using it. A normal dryer cycle on medium heat for 40 minutes is enough for washing. I have no complaints!” Brooklyn Nior

Get it from Amazon (available in seven colors and four sizes). Watch the video of that comfy blanket on TikTok.

4. A Hand Cream, which I can personally vouch for, gives soft, hydrated results in less than ever you think of. I MUST have some sort of hand cream in my bag, and this cream works wonders!!

Hand Cream

You only need a small amount for your hands, and it's fragrance-free.

Promising review: "I work in a restaurant where I use my hands for fruit cutting and it makes the skin on my hands dry and cracked. My doctor recommended this cream and since then I haven’t used anything other than this. The texture isn’t oily like other lotions. It doesn’t have that chemical smell as well. I highly recommend this product. The shipping was fast and the packaging was good. I keep this product on my subscription list and I love it so much.” Amazon Customer

Get this cream from Amazon.

5. A pair of jogger pants will look good on you; you'll feel smart for buying them because they're similar to Lululemon’s Align Joggers. You'll find yourself pulling them on for shopping, exercise, and just around the house because they're so comfy.

jogger pants

Promising review: "I love these comfortable leggings. It's more like PJs, they didn't shrink after washing and I'm able to do all my workouts without them being too tight in the waist. Bought the black ones, so transparency was not an issue. Love these pants as they are perfect for the gym. First, I bought one pair and then decided to buy two more. I would highly recommend.” MamaWrites

Get it from Amazon (available in women's sizes XS–XXL and 18 colors).

6. A Powerful Milk Frother upgrades your regular hot drink routine in the winter, with delectably frothy, creamy tea and coffee lattes in a matter of moments.

Powerful Milk Frother

Promising review: " Over the years, I've tried five different handheld frothers. Recently, I purchased the Zulay frother and it is by far the best one I've ever used. It's really powerful, gets the job done well, and is easy to clean. Plus, it comes with a great stand! The seller also includes helpful instructions and makes it easy to get a warranty. I definitely recommend this frother - two thumbs up! I highly recommend it!!” Carol Smith

Get it from Amazon (available in 43 styles).

7. A chic Stainless-Steel Tumbler is a highly functional alternative to the pricier Stanley cup. You can choose from 20 different colors and patterns that will fit your style.

Stainless-Steel Tumbler

Promising review: "The cup is beautiful! The seal of the cup works perfectly and the paint job is high quality and doesn’t feel like it’s going to flake off. I was worried because I saw some reviews saying it chipped at the top where the lid screws but I did not have that problem up till now. I really appreciate how there aren't many small spaces or corners where mold can collect. It’s very lightweight and comes with an extra straw. It’s been 8 hours and my drink is still really cold.” Tommy Nguyen

Get it from Amazon (available in 28 colors, also available in a style without the handle). Watch the video on TikTok.

8. A Hydrating Serum will be best in winter for sensitive and dry skin, as a way to boost hydration without breaking the bank on lots of bucks on moisturizer and serum brands. You can try COSRX Snail Mucin, your skin needs as much hydration as it can get.

Hydrating Serum

Promising review: “I haven't used “Snail 96” long enough to say whether it has eliminated the little wrinkles I'm trying to fix. But, if used as directed, it definitely gives my complexion a nice glow. I've tried many expensive products, but none have given me the same result as this one. Others have even noticed the nice glow on my skin. I'm still in the beginning stages of using it, so I can't say whether it will get rid of my wrinkles, but I believe it's worth continuing to use just for the glow. It's light, absorbs quickly, works well with my moisturizer, and a little goes a long way. As I use it more, I will update my review. I plan to buy it again” BJ Presscott

Get it from Amazon.

9. A super soft loungewear is the only thing you want to put on your body in the morning and it will favor your bank account too. Snow days just got a fancy upgrade.

super soft loungewear

Promising review: "I purchased this suit set for my baby shower and I loved it. It’s light and airy so if you’re looking for something like this in thick material then do shop for this. It’s pretty stretchy and best for the big pregnant belly. I would purchase it again.” Enrique Posada

Get the three-piece set from Amazon for $53.99 (available in women's sizes S–XL and in 30 colors). P.S. Prime members can avail of the “Try before you buy” feature. Check it out on TikTok!

10. A sunrise alarm clock is the best because waking up in the morning is tough, but when this lamp gradually gets brighter it floods your room with light, and you will get up.

alarm clock

Promising review: "I struggle to wake up in the morning and usually need multiple alarms to get up. However, I found an alarm clock that has made a huge difference. It's easy to use and has the option of setting two alarms. The clock gradually simulates a sunrise, which helps me wake up naturally. I set my alarm to the sound of songbirds, which gets louder and louder as the alarm time approaches, making it easier to wake up. I highly recommend this alarm clock to anyone who has trouble getting up in the morning. One thing to note is that the clock's sunrise simulation function may not work if you sleep with a light on. Also, I don't use the sleep mode as it tends to wake me up before it's done. Overall, this alarm clock has been a game changer for me.” Dawn Hartwell

Get it from Amazon (available in three colors).

11. A half-zip pullover is a perfect mid-layer under a coat, or when it's feeling a little chilly in the house. It's so trendy and nice, more like an expensive Lululemon one.

half-zip pullover

Promising review: "I bought 1 for myself because I liked the blue color so much & couldn’t get it at Lululemon. I tried this 1 just to see… & I LOVE IT. more than Lululemon! I think it fits better than the Lulu version & is softer as well. I like that the zipper matches the color of the material. I bought each of my 4 girls one for Christmas & they love it too. I ended up buying 2 more for me.” Karen S.

Get it from Amazon (available in women's sizes S–XXL and 21 colors).

12. An eyebrow soap kit is for an instant, easy eyebrow transformation that locks hairs exactly where you want them.

eyebrow soap kit

Promising review: "I found an amazing product that has become a game-changer for me. I can't believe how many compliments I've received since I started using it. People even ask me if I've had my eyebrows laminated because they look so good. The only issue I've had is with the spoolie brush that came with it - it was more fragile than I expected and broke easily when I was cleaning it. Luckily, the product comes with two spoolies, so I didn't need to buy a separate one. I found that spraying the soap with micellar water or just water, in general, worked best, as it could be harder to control my eyebrow hairs if the brush was too wet. Overall, I would highly recommend this product because my eyebrows have never looked better, and it's also great for keeping my lashes in place.” Sakya

Get it from Amazon (available in a one- or two-piece set, and with a brow gel). Check it out on TikTok.

13. A Cast Iron Covered Round Dutch Oven has the same functionality and beauty as many of the high-end brands, all while clocking in at $70 or less.

Dutch Oven

Promising review: "I wish I would have bought this earlier. I have a 3.5L Staub Dutch oven that is too small for big batches of soups/stews and it is very expensive as well. Then I started researching on Amazon and saw this product. Its red color is lovely, reviews are good too, it’s super heavy duty and I am amazed because of the price. I have used it now for several recipes - it works just as well as the Staub! This cleans up so easily too. I would buy all the sizes. I highly recommend this.” Judy M. Stern

Get a 6-quart Dutch oven from Amazon (available in two other sizes and 10 total colors).

14. A Zirconia Classic Tennis Bracelet with some sparkle and shine is better instead of the several $50s name-brand Swarovski. This is a wonderful piece, and loved the price!!

Zirconia Classic Tennis Bracelet

Promising review: "I really like this bracelet! The clasp is strong, and it sparkles beautifully. I even wore it to the gym and lifted weights while wearing wrist straps, and it held up well. It doesn't pull on my arm hair either. I would give it a perfect score of 10/10! The only thing I wish is that they offered it in a thinner size, like 2mm or 1mm. The 6.5-inch size fits me perfectly, which is rare because most tennis bracelets are usually too big for me.” Madi Markovich

Get it from Amazon (available in two styles, three sizes, and three colors).

15. The lightweight SoCozy Curl Spray Leave-In Conditioner, is best for people of all ages (kids and grown-ups) resetting and detangling curls to prevent frizziness at night. You've got enough on your winter to-do list, let this take some of the stress out of getting you and your kids ready in the morning.

Spray Leave-In Conditioner

Promising review: "My toddler has beautiful curls that I want to take care of and this leave-in conditioning spray is amazing! First of all, it smells so good. Second, it totally revives her curls in the morning after she wakes up with a crazy bedhead. I always use it on damp hair and either comb it through with my fingers or a fine-tooth comb. Just depends on how long she will sit still for me. It brings them back to life and keeps her curls looking great and healthy all day! Also, it doesn’t have a sticky texture once it’s on her hair. It goes on smooth and keeps the curls smooth and soft.” Hannah Gardner

Get it from Amazon for $7.99. Check out a TikTok of the SoCozy Curl Spray.

16. A pair of faux leather pants that looks the same as the Abercrombie style that went viral but it will save you a lot. If you're looking for pants to keep you feeling stylish and warm, consider searching over there!

faux leather pants

Promising review: "I am a bit overweight and I highly recommend you buy these pants; they are a closet must-have. When I initially opened the package, the pants had an intense smell, but after running them through the wash and air drying the smell went away. The pants fit amazingly well, and I get several compliments when I wear them, one being the overall high-quality look it gives. Get you a pair, you won't regret it.” Juwill

Get them from Amazon (available in women's sizes XXS-4XL and up to 23 colors).

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some general Budget-Friendly Alternatives available on Amazon for winter?

Space Heaters, Winter Clothing, Electric Blankets, Thermal Socks, Insulated Water Bottles, LED Bulbs, Draft Stoppers, Snow Boots, Humidifiers, and so much more are available on Amazon to save you from cold and they are alternatives to big brands.

Do the lesser-known brands on Amazon are trustworthy for winter gear?

While some lesser-known brands may offer excellent value, it's necessary to check customer reviews and ratings to check the reliability and quality of the products.

Are Amazon's in-house brands reliable for winter products?

Yes, of course, you can search so many in-house brands on Amazon like AmazonBasics and Amazon Essentials, which often provide reliable and budget-friendly options for winter essentials.

What should I look for before buying electric blankets on a budget?

Features like adjustable heat settings, safety certifications, and customer reviews regarding durability. Brands like Sunbeam and Pure Warmth offer affordable yet reliable options.

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